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Research is the most hardest part of composition I find to be difficult because you have to find sources, pick the most precise and accurate information that goes with your research paper or essay and then cite your sources properly. I just find that picking the best information needed for my essay is the hardest part. With the help of teachers and instructors like Bill and “Peekay” researching has become a lot easier. The information I gained from “Peekay” is really helpful in the part I find researching hard because she discussed about picking out websites for information that we need to research on. First if we find a site, we have to ask ourselves, “does the site have an author? Does the site have authority? Also does that site have information that is worthy enough?.” These questions I will be asking myself from now on before picking a site for a good source on my next research paper. Another part I  found of “Peekay” lecture that is  helpful was the part about using quotation marks when searching a phrase on a search engine. Most search engines might just look up one word that you typed so we must be able to use quotation to look for the full phrase that were looking up. For Bills lectures, I find the most I took away from class is taking notes on everything he is saying in class. This helps me with writing, to trust my pen and choose the best information to write down because I cant write everything down. I try to write everything down but when I hear something important I know this definitely has to be written down. What Bill said about writing everything down is “the information that you least expected to be useful, turns out to be the most helpful.” I found this very true when I reflect back on my notes to the information that I didn’t think was important.   This class is really helping out in my area of difficulties in composition which is research. Overall researching is becoming a lot easier, knowing what I have to do to get the information that is need for the paper that I’m going to write.

Thanks, Dalt.

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