Today we tried an experiment with a twenty minute writing about the connection between writing and learning. To me I felt that the hardest part of the experiment was just the twenty minutes of non stop writing. Once we were done we had to summarize what we wrote down onto the board for everyone else to see. I thought the summarizing was the easiest until Bill put me on the spot with my summary. With my summary I used critically thinking three times and it questioned Bill about if I really understood the word it self. I did understand the word but I just couldn’t really get into great details as I wanted to. The discussion that my summary brought to the table was that you can’t use cliches into summaries. They start to question the reader. What I learned about my summary writing was that I expected the reader to understand fully about the meaning of critical thinking. I should’ve been more into detail with what I was trying to get across. We had only 5 minutes to write the summary so I didn’t get really into my “critical thinking” state. Which brings me to the first phrase discussion that we talked about which was Erik summary. Erik realized that the summary part was actually a lot harder than the 20 minutes writing because he didn’t have enough time to think about what he wanted on the board. This leads us to Bills statements for writing a summary. Rule one was that summarizing is demanding and requires a lot of time. When writing a summary we have to take a lot more time getting the rich information. The next was Aprils summary that led us talking about how summarizing can be a breakthrough. For me this means that a summary is a strong piece of literacy that can break through a mind, pointing out the great details in a short details. Thats why it takes a lot of time make a good summary. Rule three was what I brought to the table with my summary which is don’t overuse a word. It will start to question your readers because your relying on that word a lot. This discussion my summary brought made me realize that summaries are really time consuming and it is harder than writing 20 minutes non stop because you have to gather all the rich information needed to make a breakthrough. The next summary was Jen’s and her summary brought us to the discussion about how a summary is an act of self learning. When summarizing your basically paraphrasing everything you wrote down. When you write everything down your actually learning a lot more than you did before. Its all an act of memorization and that gets glued into your brain a lot more when you paraphrase. The fifth statement that we talked about is we shouldn’t assume that we know whats important and that learning is opening minds to all kind of things like ways of thinking. This last statement was the most that really stood out to me. When I learn something new it always brings a new perspective into my mind and I start looking at things a lot differently. Kip used a strong example when he mentioned Rochelle learning the hashtag on twitter. It might not be important but she learned something new.

This experiment was really great for summarization. Each day were strengthening different parts of our composition and becoming better writers. This experiment was helpful because of my fellow scholars. Each of us brought something new to the table that really made me think about the next time I write a summary. I will reflect back on my notes to this class whenever i have a question about summarization and remember summarizing is demanding!

Thanks, Dalt.

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  1. Wow I really like your paraphrasing on the lesson we all jotted down from each other! Like you said it has been “glued to your brain” when you did that. I think that is an awesome extra step you did!

    I really like your summary of the class 😉 because in class I feel you don’t really go this deep into explanation in front of the other fellow scholars and myself. Also, remember never make big promises, like bill said, that you will always come back to your notes whenever you have questions on summery. I think you could end this blog way better, but like I said I really liked it 🙂

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