Yesterday in class we covered an important topic that will help me in my future papers. That topic was the introduction of a paper. It all started when Bill brought up a assignment about reading an article. Then annotate it that article, write a summary for each subject and post the summaries onto our blogs. The last thing we have to do is write an introduction piece for our summaries. Why not do the introduction first? Then write our summaries? ┬áThese questions popped into my head when Bill was describing the assignments. He then explained to us that if we wrote our summaries first and annotated the article, the introduction will be a lot easier to write. I never thought about writing my papers into this type of method because I always started out with my introduction since it was the first paragraph. If I know what I’m going to write about then I write my body paragraph. My introduction will be a lot easier to write because I know what I’m covering in my paper.

Another great topic that was covered in class that helped me understand what a good scholarly paper is. That is the writer acknowledges the fact that his thoughts are a small piece of the big picture and leaves the reader with more questions to be asked. There is also more research to be done. What I thought was a good example of this was when Marc told his explanation of how high school papers you could just get away with it. He said something about giving his ideas and that problem was solved right away. But its actually more in depth than that because you have to have other people involved into the problem. Their area of expertise is something you don’t have but you need it for the greater good. Your only one small piece to help solve the problem and a good paper ends with more research to be done.

The discussions we have in class are really helpful because it seems when my fellow scholars has there own opinion, it leads onto a discussion that helps us understand some aspects of composition a lot more clearly.

Thanks, Dalt.

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