Last night we were supposed to read two articles. The only one I was able to read was an essay by Malcolm X named “Learning to Read.” X shares his experience of what it was like to start reading in prison. He came from a bad background of being a hustler to being in prison. When X wrote letters to Muhammad he became increasingly frustrated not being able to express what he wanted onto those letters. When X read books he skipped words he didn’t know and ended up with little idea of the what the book meant. Thats when X started reading the dictionary and started copying word from word. Like X, my experience with reading was similar. In middle school I started to become frustrated when I came upon a word I didn’t know. I started looking up the definition of each word that didn’t make sense to me but I didn’t copy a whole dictionary like X. The only thing I lacked when I was younger was the motivation to read. The motivation I believe that strikes Malcolm was just not being able to express what he wanted onto letters. Especially coming from a civil rights person fighting for equal freedom. This essay really inspires me because X was in prison when he started becoming a more avid reader. Im a free person and I had the education there and all the sponsor needed to increase my reading skills. X had little sponsors when he started to read and he did it all self teaching himself. The only thing I lacked was motivation and this story really inspires me to become a more avid reader.

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  1. Dalton, I think you could have ended with a different note other than “lack of motivation to read.” I thought that last sentence was redundant, because you already have that sentence in the middle of your paragraph.”

    Probably, could go on how you could motivate yourself and what actions you will start taking to become more of an avid reader like X.


  2. Dalton I would have to agree with April on this one but you also have some small grammar errors. Nothing too crazy but you could have conjoined a sentence or two I feel.

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