WAW is a threshold concept that goes in depth with writing. It gives a lot of readers different perceptions for how writing can be approached. Instead of telling us writers how to write or giving a step by step advice about writing. This book changes our perception of how writing works. If that perception is changed than we can approach writing a lot better. This books introduction gives a lot of constructing meaning to readers of how the writing process can benefit us if we changed the way we approached writing.

According to some stories what makes good writing good is following the rules and avoiding the errors. ┬áThis seems like good writing that high school students have picked up but in college its actually much more than just grammatical errors. Its all about having your own voice in the essay and expressing your types of ideas. College professors expect a lot more than just your grammar errors. That is having your own voice in the essay and taking control. If you spend a lot of time correcting errors you will lease likely spending time finding ideas and expressing them. Writing about writing doesn’t teach you and tell you how to write but giving different perceptions of approaching writing.

conceptions are what take up a paper but what writing does challenges your act to hold up those ideas and back them up throughout research. To make a more accurate conception is knowing the situation of the paper and getting to know the audience, exigence and context of your paper. What can make you a stronger literacy person is connecting to the material whether your reading or writing and constructing meaning together. This book gives you a lot of challenges to change your thinking of what writing is about.

Literacy is all about construct. When the reader reads a material that person brings their own experiences and knowledge about the material to their reading thus expanding their understanding about the material. Same goes with writing, when writing your most likely to construct a connection to the material.

Threshold concepts are specialized into every field or majors in order for students to fully understand that subject. If your specializing into a field you are required to learn those threshold concepts to learn more about that subject. There may be some threshold that students don’t have to learn because there major isn’t in that subject. Basically this threshold for this book is about writing and going in more depth for us writers to fully understand how writing works. Writing is universal and is required for everybody to understand it.

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  1. Dalton — I’m appreciating your thinking in this piece. Thank you! Especially important is the notion that “threshold concepts” occur, as you say, “in every field or majors.” Exactly right! If we attend to the “threshold concepts” in a particular area and get them fixed in our minds, it makes our working in that area much more productive and even enjoyable! ~~ Bill

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