Last week

Its been a really fun adventure getting to know each and one of my scholars from comp 126 summer session. They have been my best way of learning from sharing different perspectives, ideas and thoughts. Each day everyone brought something in mind and the discussion just went on from there. Bill has been really awesome help bringing out our ideas and thoughts. So this week I really know what I’m going to be talking about in my last self assessment paper from how my way of looking at writing changed and how my scholars been the biggest part of my learning out come. Im going to share examples of how a simple thought leads to a big learning outcome. Im also sure to write my outline and body paragraphs first. Then write my introduction last because with my body filled i’ll be able to write a more precise and clear introduction. I’m really going to give a lot of thought into this last paper because I want to end this class proving that I have what it takes to comprehend composition.

Thanks, Dalt. ( :

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