Update our Fort Lewis blogging profiles

Update our “self assessment” pages

Write a copyright for my blogs

Update our “Learning outcomes” pages

Update our “Assignment” pages

Write one post about self assessment

Another post about the article we read

June 12  2014

Write a third blog anything we discussed in class the past three days

Write second blog about Easy writer over the section “Top Twenty” and blog about the reason for this section

Write one blog about Easy Writer over the section “how to use this book” and blog about why the creators put it there.

Leave two comments on other peoples blogs that are at least 3 sentences long.

June 11 2014

Read “Introductory Letter and MLA Guidelines” on comp 126 / section 2

Write a third post about anything we wanted!

Write a second post about critically reflect upon class today on June 10

Write one post about reflection upon Language.

June 10 2014

Read the email sent out and hit read receipt

Read essay by John Swales called “Discourse Community”

Write an essay about class on June 9 about a reflection of class.

June 9 2014

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