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After our discussion on Friday 10/24/14 I took a few days to mull over all aspects that we discussed. I have come to the conclusion that the administration at Fort Lewis College has zero right to interfere with the classrooms on campus. It is true that the scholars at this school are viewed as bags of money and numbers to those that are higher up here. This is true of any college, but you would think that at the small school they encourage students to come to, and encourage creativity it wouldnt be the case. I NOT A NUMBER. I am a human being that has a human relationship with all of my professors that know who I am.

But before going onto an angry tangent, I feel that the solution to the problem with canvas is to go off an idea that Denyce White proposed in class. We should do our self assessments on canvas on a more routine bases to allow both professor and scholar to be on the same page.

Writer/Designer Short Summaries


Chapter 2

This chapter gave a refresher on what rhetoric is and how it is used, especially in Rhetorical Situations. Making sure that the writer focuses their work to stay on track with the goal intended in the hindsight. I did find the importance of the authors opinion to be a tad conflicting with academic writing meant to be opion-less.

Chapter 3

I enjoyed this chapter the most with how it is so effective in relating its information to how technology is starting to be very dominant in our education system today (obviously while this is being written on a blog). Explain the what and how to use various modes of technology to get the best message out for what one is trying to write.

Chapter 4

This was the most helpful chapter with its application in all fields of study. The need to hold yourself as a credible source in a scholarly setting is vital so one must pay attention to “how the text works as well as why it works the way it does”. Make sure the point trying to be made is believable and your sources support the thought fully.

Chapter 5

This was the least effective or relevant chapter of the bunch that we read. Simply meaning our focus should be on the blog and not referring to non technological applications. Because personally I need as much help on this technology stuff as possible to help out with the current set up of the class. But getting the bones of what your thoughts are is very important.

Chapter 6

This fits into chapter five with its effectiveness but the mock ups give good guidance on what your thoughts actually are. Then allowing others to read your mock up will make sure your concept makes sense and if it doesn’t, it is here that you can tweak it to turn it into the message you want it to be. Along with the time management to get the most out of what you have available.


Writer Desginer Active reading Challange


For the reading assigned for us this week, I have put in a lot of effort to really focus on what we were supposed to read in, Writer/Designer, so now I will share the multistage process.

My process was only two real steps but the first involves reading through all of the material and highlighting the main points that I found to be valuable.

Showing the second chapter reading
Showing the second chapter reading

This method continued throughout the multiple chapters, then eventually going back through to re-read the material.

Still step one
Still step one

comments here and there allowed for a refresher of what was extra important for when the second step started after reading all the way through chapters 2 through 6.

Which looks like:

Step 2

And when the second step happens, I went back through and had a conversation with the text. Consisting of what I thought about it, how it applied to our class, my thoughts and if I even thought it was effective or relevant to our current setting in class. So most pages look like this in an attempt to really force my mind to comprehend what I was reading, leaving me feeling like I understand the material much more.

Step two annotations
Step two annotations

I have been caught in my normal ways and this type of active reading is difficult reading for me to force myself into, but Cornell University and a short article, that explains its effectiveness.

Post Assessment Reflection


After class today I realized that my analysis on my self assessment was significantly sub par. After looking at my fellow scholars’ assessments and the discussion in class I should have been much more creative with the implementation of the various modes of communication. My plan of action for the next self assessment will be much different and consist of the following:

  • Multiple drafts for preperation
  • Draw out a plan
  • Take class collaboration into more consideration
  • Keep practicing
  • Balance Honesty and consistency
  • Keep a Log of my work time

Is Writing Important?


With the current structure that our current education system consists of, has taken away the value in writing in today’s youth. The scholars that are fighting their way toward a degree are required to write papers that are simply asking for a creative way to waste time. How often were you in school and assigned a paper, whose topic was very insignificant to the material of the class?


Tasks like this have depleted the worth that writing has to everyone for various reasons. Some use it to record thoughts, others use it to let their thoughts flow and some use it to release the pent up emotions they are experiencing. It is this aspect that makes writing so valuable; allowing us to heal.

Unfortunately It is not viewed in such a way anymore.

These college degrees that we are all fighting our way toward are constantly becoming more competitive and less valuable in the world outside of academia. Yet constantly getting more expensive for students that must take loans to pay for it. This has become a revolving door of business off of todays youth.

The degree has become a competition to see who can write a paper that the professor will like, thus giving you a good grade. Yet all professors teach differently; someone could simply hit on certain aspects of a topic that the professor likes and with that simple aspect, that writing is better than another’s.

We do so much writing in academic lives that we have little time to heal and write for ourselves .

Note Tastic

  • Coffee Wednesday
  • Pay attention to fundamentals
  • sweat the details-identify conventions
  • Conventions arent written in the sky, it is an agreed upon-MLA is a social agreement like football fields or hockey rinks
  • Must identify with those social agreements to become successful
  • As scholars, we must quit fighting against the rules of social agreements of the community has established
  • Dont have to play the game- I am an agent and have the power to chose
  • As you move up, you are given authority and once you reach the top, you have an impact, but can question the structure while you climb
  • All disciplines  advance by being challenged
  • Problemtizing conventions with rule and skill
  • Are all conventions social?
  • social agreements can become law?
  • In the field of writing, everyone has their own styles
  • Most of what we do is because it is what other people tell us what we should do
  • questions should not be constructed negatively
  • exigence
  • be crutially aware aware of every situation
  • Austin P. ” Cant change it while youre getting there, but you can question and change it once you arrive”
  • talk to himself, programmed to be alive
  • We internalize a series of voices
  • Claim: Conversations improve writing  b/c of listening, asking questions
  • Where you make room for conversation writing will improve
  • what happened in our culture- writing is separate from talking

The problem with our current set up communication in our world, is that we talk too much and listen too little. This imbalance is hurting our language as a whole, focusing more effort on one, instead of a balanced breakup. Although, with we continue to expand on the  notes and topics discussed in class,  we might not be able to change how our current structure of communication. As scholars, we are still learning the ways of the world in various forms and it is said that we must work our way through the ranks before we have the knowledge or authority to be capable to make a change.


Why should you never use a pensile with no tip?… Because it’s pointless!


The same can be said when it comes to blog posting!

It is pointless to post a blog unless you use all the resources available to you. By using all of the modes of communication you can create a blog that will reach multitudes of people effectively without feeling like…

The recommended uses of modes are:

  • Linguistic
  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Spatial
  • Gestural

All of these come together to make an effective message that works well, but is not a simple task to accomplish.

Groups can work together to create and effective message like…

My Bio 110 Group drawing
My Bio 110 Group drawing

This image explaining the many forms of biology . Each holding a small part of information to create a larger, more educational diagram.




I, a wearer of a tattoo, personally feel that a tattoo is one of the best ways to express yourself to other people to a certain degree. I believe that tattoos can show:

  • Ones view on art
  • A persons interests
  • Passion about a topic
  • Pain tolerance
Anchor and Shield tattoo, anonymous

This tattoo is on a religious mans ankle and has more meaning than meet the eye. So the visual mode crosses with linguistic when an onlooker asks about the story of the tattoo, which all should have. The story behind this is the anchor represents his anchor with God and a shield to push away those who try to convict him of his beliefs. This permanent mark on his body is his own deceleration of his beliefs which, regardless of your religious standing, you should admire the confidence that he has rooted in something he believes in. Which is so rare to find in someone these days.

I wonder I wonder


The first chapter of So What, caught my attention very quickly with very valuable information. I must admit that I am guilty to fall into the category of the one hit wonder when it comes to writing academic papers.

My guidance in the past has always changed from year to year with every process from multiple lists of ideas before writing three drafts then the final paper to sit down and just write the whole thing while the ideas are flowing, which is what i prefer. My mind feels to be more creative writing papers late at night and all at once. And I would be lying if I said that I wrote them late because I wanted to. I think its fair to claim a lot of college students write their papers last minute. Some out of laziness, but more commonly because of how busy we are.

I feel like I need guidance on how to write differently. It sounds like an easy concept but it requires and entire change of thought, which, ironically enough, I cant wrap my mind around.

All that I have going for me right now is that I can argue pretty well and can back up my resources. And I am stubborn, which is neither good nor bad as of now…




Most of the time, this is how I feel when I read academic articles for writing classes, or any class for that matter. A lot of what is expected of scholars can tend to be at a higher degree than what they are prepared for, at least from my point of view. In the worst set of circumstances only knowing a few words per sentence leaves me even worse off than before.  Leaving me with unintelligent questions in the ballpark of…


But this article breaks down blogging into 11 idiot proof steps that are much more clear.  From now on I feel much more prepared to write a kickass blog!

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