Farewell Friends


As excited I have been for this day, it is also a day to say farewell to the friends I have made. Farewell as in we may meet again next semester. Thinking back in to these 5 weeks of COMP 250, I gotta say, it’s been great. In class 5 days a week and 2 hours a day, I believe us scholars have created a relationship and bond that we will continue on. Not only my fellow scholars, but Professor Bill who has given us great confidence by addressing us as scholars rather than students.

As for my Accounting class, I am excited to meet and create friendships with other “students” or scholars. Both classes for me were challenging, but accounting seemed so much harder than any other class. As for Comp it was a bit challenging at first but I transformed in to a better scholar which improved myself in the class.

In conclusion, farewell my dear friends and hope you enjoy the rest of the 2 months before Fall semester begins! Although as sad as it may seem to depart from people you have become close with, I am excited to begin my summer. Hope to see you around campus or around town! I have not taken a break because as soon as Spring semester ended, Summer session 1 began and now Summer session 2 has ended. So let’s enjoy the rest of the Summer!!!

What are you going to do for the rest of the Summer? 🙂

“Stronger” ♫


On Thursday, July 8, the class and I stood in a circle and expressed if we experience various thoughts. Asking each scholar, we all have good and bad thoughts. The thoughts that could encourage us to climb mountains or the negative thoughts influence us to give up. Going hand in hand, it depends on the person them self. It’s ones’ choice to give in to their thoughts, will they give up or will they over come them?

As for myself, I definitely have the thoughts that are both good and bad. We have our own ways of handling them, for myself, I go back in to my faith. I chant the songs I know and it reminds me the person I am, my lovely family and the goals I have yet to accomplish. It’s very comforting.

Listening to my fellow scholars who have both negative and positive thoughts, it reminded me of an encouraging song I used to hear a lot. It’s a song called, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. The reason I like it, is not only the lyrics but also the beats. Just before I am posting this video, I am listening to it and it really changes the mood.

Overall, I feel like music really helps people battle their thoughts. If music doesn’t seem to do the trick for me, I plug in my earphones and go for a run or workout. What do you do, when you have negative thoughts or what kind of positive thoughts do you have?

Sorry, sorry…


Hello everyone, I know I have been M.I.A. for almost five days now. I apologize for not being so consistent, just going through some changes right now, but now I’m here to get back on my grind. But this is the last week of summer session two. As soon as this is over, I will be heading back to Kayenta, Arizona for a 3-week summer job. Than hopefully I can enjoy my summer afterwards. There’s never a break! Oh well, can’t do anything about it.

Anyways, with this being the last week of my comp class, I have to have to complete a final research/project. I decided I will be creating an official blog under WordPress. I’m excited to get this blog going, and it will be opened for everyone SOON! I know what my research will be, but that will be a surprise.

Other than that, I will continue to maintain this blog until further notice. Hope everyone is having an excellent week. 🙂

The Wild, Wild Web


When creating a scholar journal or scholarly work, we have to make sure we are on solid ground when making a claim. In order to be on solid ground, you have to work with the Wild, Wild Web. The web today contains so much information it may sometimes’ seem impossible to know who the sources are and define their credibility. Well after meeting Peekay, I am much more confident in researching.

Peekay stressed, “Make sure to argue from a point of knowledge”. By doing so, she has fed me some great tips and ways to create a credible research. I always knew there was GoogleScholar but I never knew how to alter my search tools in Google. When searching for any type of topic I could set my search to only show sites that are “.edu”, “.gov” and so one. I will definitely use that when finding something that is dependable because Peekay mentioned that the government sites and education sites are reliable for the work they share. Not that I will use that and only that but I have a better knowledge where to look.

Another great big tip she shared with me was the Fort Lewis Library site. Similar to GoogleScholar, I always knew it was there but never knew how to operate it where it will benefit me when searching. With this site, I am allowed to look up my favored topics and because the school dissects their articles and books, it’s a lot more reliable then Google. Therefore, when searching for a topic I will make sure to check mark work that has been “peer reviewed”. So from now on, I will definitely go back to this when creating my work.

In conclusion, thanks to Peekay, I will make sure to know a lot more about my sources so that my results from researching will be a lot more affective and credible.

Learning Outcomes…CHECK ✓


Attending the second summer session, I feel like I am soooo over school for awhile. I cannot wait to enjoy my summer. Scramming an entire semester (4 months) in ONE month sounds crazy… and yes, the work is pretty crazy. Despite the scramming, I am happy I have been enjoying COMP 250. Looking in to our Learning Outcomes for this course, I believe I have grasped most of it.

Working on this blog and devoting myself to writing a blog each day has greatly benefit    me in writing.Practice makes perfect, right? So I feel like when I came in to this course, I had a great understanding of rhetorical knowledge and with my blogs I am able to practice it a lot more. I choose how I want my posts to look to create an affective writing to target my audience. Also, in order to get my audience to contribute their ideas, I’ve learned to accept many other viewpoints. As my blogs are of my perception only, I do leave space for opposition so that I can hear other opinions and claims to create an affective argument or new ideas.

My experience in the writing and research process is creating a blog every day. I’ve learned to read the works of other scholars and create something new with that, adding my own knowledge. Also, I have a habit of making sure I quickly proofread, revise and edit my post before submitting. But in all, I have learned that when creating a research and blogging, it’s not about summarizing. It’s about using your research and creating something new with it.

In class, we’ve had many presentations where each student had plenty of presentation time. Creating a presentation and creating blogs has helped me incorporate multimodal genres. Whichever media we are using to present we make sure it is targeting our audience. Nonetheless, as I am presenting or listening to the presenter, everyone was sharing their ideas and points. Having everyone involved expanded our topic and created more and more knowledge, which I believe helped me the most. When we are making comments or sharing our ideas, it’s either to agree, disagree, address a problem or gap.

Lastly, based on the Learning Outcomes we definitely learned to have awareness of     writing conventions. When creating a blog, it’s not just a traditional paper where we are pretty much robots. With blogs, we are able to have our own style of writing as we share our input and consider others’. In that consideration, when we create our blogs it only takes a few minutes, so I have created the habit of controlling my grammar, punctuation and spelling as I am blogging.

Check, check, check and check! Overall, I have learned so much in just one month. Despite the short classes, I feel as if I have learned so much in one month than any other class. Having our group discussions in class where everyone is involved and creating daily blogs and benefit me. It has helped me practice and interpret each of the learning outcomes.



Okay so I’ve been checking my Facebook (like always) and I noticed people are posting their “transformation Tuesday” pictures. I’ve never done so, so let me give it a try. Here is my #transformationtuesday.

On June 1, 1868, the treaty of Bosque Redondo was created. It allowed the Navajo people to return to their homeland. And today, “144 years” later, we’re, “leaving homeland to make a life”. How ironic! I found this image on the Navajo Nation’s only newspaper site, the Navajo Times. In their comics, this is what I found, and when I saw it, I was laughing to myself because it’s terribly true. To me, this comic very well explains my situation. My ancestors went through the Long Walk, if not caught. And today, because we are now “civilized” we have to leave home to become qualified and live the “American dream”.

Although this is sadly true, it’s up to us to make sure we return home with our educated “life”. Like I have been stressing, I am away from my homeland to receive an education to go back and help my people, my nation, and my culture improve and advance. In a couple of years, I want another comic like the one above, but have an additional strip about educated and determined Navajo’s returning home to better develop the Navajo Nation.

Because this is my ambition, I have to implement this goal and idea in to my family first. I will definitely carry this on to my three younger siblings. I want them to understand that they will be leaving the Navajo Nation to become well-educated and bring back home their expertise. I don’t want to force that idea in their head, but I want them to crave that dream. So far, my baby sister, the 10 year old seems to have that engraved in her mind. Without my parents forcing her, she reads books about Navajo history and other Native American tribes. She is very proud to be Diné; and I am happy she’s already like that.

But like I said, a couple of years from now, I want anther comic like above but an additional strip that shows educated Navajo’s returning home.



Okay, so last night, some person was attempting to break in to my parents house. When my parents told me this morning, it was bothering me all day. What has our world come to? Where is the Navajo Nation going? Lately, this past year, there has been so many things going on in the Navajo Nation. So many violence. As a young Diné women, I am worried about our culture and my people.

As I was on YouTube, I searched “Navajo Thugs”. It sounds really cheesy and it’s so stupid, but there are Navajo men who claim to be thugs. It really bothers me, because as I want to move back home when I become well-educated, I will be coming home to young wanna-be thugs. What can I do to enforce better protection for my people? I’m worried it will only get worse! I don’t want my parents, my siblings and my family to be around people like this. Yes, I know, everywhere is violent. But after my family encountered this last night, it’s really bothering me. For now, all we can do is be cautious. Right?

Sunday Funday


Good evening everyone:

Yes yes, I am making sure I create a post today. But honestly, I don’t know what to say. I’m thinking about all our lectures in class and discussions with people but I can’t figure out what to say. I had my laptop open and been on the “Add New Post” page for almost an hour. I stare at it, walk in to the living room, come back, make dinner, come back, eat, and here I am again.
But today, I was checking out the site for the Century America Project. There are so many things I want to try, but first and foremost, I am trying to create a picture header like their page. The site has a header of 9 different images and that’s what I want to do with my page. I want to add various images that represent myself and my blog. But that is currently construction! I want my blog to represent myself and I want it done right. I would be fixing my picture header right now but only the school has the correct photoshop, so hopefully I’ll get it done by the end of this week.

Anyways, I hope everyone’s weekend went great. Let’s hope for a great week! 🙂


“Who gets to decide?”


Hello my fellow scholars & bloggers, I gotta question:

On my previous post, I talked about genre. I explained how my genre of language with my family will never change. But Rosa had a great question. She asked, “I do believe there is genre and I do believe there is appropriateness, but who gets decide that?”. She said appropriateness because I explained how the genres of language change when speaking to a different audience.Think about it. Honestly, it took me awhile to comment back but I still can’t figure it out..

When I was figuring out her question, I was thinking WE decide the genres of language. If I want to talk with a group of friends and joke around, I’ll decide if I want to stay in that conversation or not. I choose if I want to carry on that genre of language or leave. Maybe we decide as a group? If we are all laughing about something, what does it mean when someone comes with a bad attitude and starts crying or yelling?? Does that change the genre? I’m a bit confused but Rosa asked a great question. Tell me what you think…

Put your thinking cap on

Genres of Language


Today in our class discussion, we talked about two chapters from the book Language. There was the second chapter called, “Multilingualism” and the sixth chapter, “Race and Language”. From this book, I am beginning to understand how vital language is to us. Not only to every human, but also how important the Navajo language is to the Navajo culture.

But a specific topic or idea, that has kept me thinking the rest of the day was from Cameron’s many ideas. One idea that stood out, was about changing and altering your language as you become more and more professional. He explained that he doesn’t want to change his language (even when he’s professional) because he doesn’t want to exclude his family and community. But, I think that’s when GENRE comes in.

The reason I am talking about Cameron’s comment is because I related it to myself. I, myself, also don’t want to give off the vibe about being “better” than my community. And I also don’t want to lose the specifice language and relationship when talking with my family. But like I said, I believe that’s when genre comes in. Currently, as a scholar, I know my language has changed and improved since last semester, last year, in high school, and beyond. As our language improves it can create barriers when trying to carry on a specific language with old friends and family. The many genres of language changes when speaking to your professor, family, friends, managers and so on.

What I am trying to get at, is that although I will become more educated, and become a great scholar, I will still carry on the same genre of language when speaking to my family. To me, genres are created by your relationship with that specific audience. So, my relationship with my family will NEVER change, therefore my language and conversations will never change with them as well.

Does that make sense? I hope you understood my point.