Engineering and too much coffee

Today I had an engineering exam. Pretty easy stuff because it’s an entry level course, but before I went to my engineering class I had an art history course. The plan was to get breakfast, but instead I decided to take a shower. My art history class is two hours long so by the end I was pretty hungry. I decided to grab a large coffee and a cinnamon roll. They were out of cinnamon rolls so I ¬†made an on-spot decision to just get the coffee. About this time I realized I was going to be late so I shot back to my room and grabbed the homework for that class and zipped all the way across campus drinking the entirety of my coffee on the way. We were introduced to the exam and in that time the large coffee I drank on an empty stomach kicked. I was sweating like nobody’s business, my mind was running at about a million miles an hour, and it was still nowhere near my heart rate. Now, engineering is mostly done on a computer with software to draw perfectly straight lines. This particular exam, however, was over hand drawings. I am normally very competent at drawing things by hand. The key is straight lines. Normally I’m really good at straight lines, but today my drawings probably resembled a heart rate monitor hooked up to a jack rabbit on meth. After what felt like a life time I finished my drawing and went to turn it in. I looked around and I was the second person to turn in my drawing, not that it ¬†would make a difference if I had taken more time. I was extremely focused and in the zone, but my darn fingers wouldn’t sit still. The moral to this story is that one needs to plan for an exam. Eat breakfast, don’t drink too much coffee, and give yourself time to think things through.