Research Project..


I am thinking about doing my research project on the credibility of Baxter Magolda.   I am interested in analyzing her interpretations of the interviews.

  •  What makes her a qualified person to be interpreting the interviews?
  •  Is she biased?..and does that skew her interpretations and thus the conclusions she makes from the interviews?

Steps to Critical Thinking


Critical thinking is drawing objective conclusions by being observant and aware of details.  Here are some steps I am going to utilize to become a better researcher:

  • Come at a situation objectively and acknowledge all perspectives
  • Question everything
  • Challenge the authority of the common assumption or understanding
  •  Don’t take information at face value
  • Analyze the way arguments and daily occurrences are presented and the moves individuals use to entice their intended audience
  • Avoid broad interpretations
  • Be aware of the context and background of the subject