An Open Letter To Madonna

I have been a fan of yours since I was in the sixth grade. I had the rubber bracelets, the lace gloves, and the fishnet stockings. When I entered my teenage years and finally understood what you were singing about I thought you were the new face of feminism – – someone to look up to who was a real role model for women. Now that I am in my 40’s I’ve come to realize that you’re no different than all the men in the music business; objectifying women and putting forth a faux-narcissistic persona except you’re calling it feminism but I’m calling it bullshit.

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¬†Over and over you’ve claimed to have shattered the glass ceiling created by a male dominated music industry and refused to become the stereotypical objectified presentation of women seen in the music videos of male artists but that is exactly what you have done. If it were only you doing this I wouldn’t be so alarmed but it seems that the most successful women in the music industry have followed your lead. Everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga to P!nk are singing songs with narcissistic overtones that they’re claiming is an expression of how they feel living in a man’s world yet their songwriting partners are often men just like yours.




Let’s face it, living in a male-dominated society isn’t what’s causing you and your female counterparts in the music industry to act the way you are acting, it’s the sweet smell of success. And don’t get me started on the music videos. Men are directing those too which may explain why all of you ladies appear half-naked most of the time and crazy the rest of the time. Oh, and your “keeping up with the boys” mentality has now spread like a cancer to social media where you’re tweeting topless photos of yourself with the hashtag #bitchimmadonna. Really? How about using the hashtag #bitchplsstopur56? Try that one on for size. Madonna, all of your fans want the old you back. What started out as someone to look up to has morphed into someone to be embarrassed by. You once claimed the music industry wasn’t sexually objectifying you because you were doing it to yourself and I believed you. I was 100% behind you when you chained yourself to a bed in the “Express Yourself” video and then just a few short years later you put out the Erotica album and the companion Sex book. Really?


Like anyone really needed to see pictures of you naked with Vanilla Ice – – come on now! You claim to have paved the way for other female pop artists but what path have you exactly paved? From the outside looking in this path seems nothing less than phony, fake narcissistic bullshit. Please stop portraying yourself and other women the way the male-dominated music industry has for years under the guise of feminism and take back control of the stereotypical images of women portrayed throughout all forms of media and perhaps other female pop artists will follow suit. If not for the sake of my daughter who is at the age where she believes that this is the way she should be portrayed because she is a woman then perhaps for the sake of your daughters.


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