The Mobile Things of the Internet

Another place where the IP numbers are rapidly diminishing is with mobile devices.  People are not tied down to the computer, television or game console anymore.  We now have everything at the tip of our fingers with mobile devices and mobile internet.  Broadband cards from AT&T or Verizon bring 4gLTE anywhere there’s service wirelessly without the need for a router, modem or hardwire connection.   This technology can be found on buses, more recently planes or a personal one that you can carry around with you in your pocket.  Mobile devices that can already take data usage like cell phones and some tablets can access 4g and 3g networks without such a card.  Nowadays everyone has a cell phone and almost everyone has one that has an IP address or smart phone.  Watches like the Galaxy watch or the mimicking Apple watch now make even the most timeless device (watch) an IP based device that is linked to the phone.  The Internet will continue to become more and more mobile and will never cease to expand.

The Internet of Videogames

One particular IP based device that has revolutionized the Internet is game consoles.  Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have machines capable of linking players to others for intense game sessions of team death match and slaying.  No longer do you have to buy four controllers and have all your friends come over and sit in your dinky, little room.  Instead, you can get mad and throw the controller through the TV and all your friends who are playing with you online won’t be there to judge.  However, consoles aren’t the only thing that allow you to destroy noobs.  Phones and computers also let you download games for a fairly large network as well.  Almost everyone games in some way whether they have the best console (PS4…) or not.  I would say I use my PS4 way more than my computer but of course I have to have both and a smart phone.  Just me alone is taking 3 IP addresses.  Think of everyone else in the world and if each of them had at least 3 devices.  No wonder we’re running out of numbers!

The Things of the Internet

Not too long ago we could not use a phone and a computer at the same time and now we have the Internet on our phones!  We live in a quickly advancing time period where we nearly everything is IP controlled.  Phones are on VoIP, cooling systems are controlled by IP and electrical gauges can send the usage of power over IP so meters don’t have to be checked;  the list is ever growing.  Who knows one day it is a skate board and tomorrow it is Internet controlled with a changing display on the deck.  The possibilities are endless!  Well, almost.  Unfortunately, there are only so many numbers that are available to assign as an IP address.  The only thing to do now is to expand the number of digits that are used so that there can be more combinations.