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I know this is probably one of the most often used internet sites, but at least I did not choose something like Facebook, Inc. Of course, almost everyone has a Facebook so I will not go into much detail about that. This site is great because I can subscribe to my friends online or other persons that create media that spark my interest and keep me updated on everything that I need to know. Those with the most subscribers usually offer the best entertainment, and I like to spend some of my free-time just sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying other people’s hard work at making entertaining, informative, or other useful videos. I do not spend as often on here as I do YAHOO! Answers, but I certainly think it is a different site that offers different resources. You would not find me posting a lot of movies because it is not my strong suit to decide on what I would talk about or even the subject matter, for that matter. I love to see the creativity that really shines from each subscription every day, and I love to have fun seeing them having fun making something so fun! I think it takes some real creativity, which I seem to be running out lately. I can watch the same videos repeatedly which is a real treat because I know there are some that I will not ever stop listening to. I hope that you enjoy this site just as much as I do!

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There are some silly YAHOO! Answers questions that really make you surprised that this is where we are concerning the Human Race

Enough of video games, how about YAHOO! Answers. This site is very memorable because I used to go on here with my middle brother (who unfortunately is not with us any longer), and I will always remember those times going into the “Psychology” section and reading about real-life people from all over the world going through real-life struggles. It makes you feel small as an individual, but also proud because you are a part of something big. I would sometimes even ask questions anonymously in order to get honest opinions about MY situations. This site is very helpful, funny, sad, and informative all in the same place. Of course, there are spammers or trolls, but name sites where that is not the case. It could also make you proud of the Human Race, and feel connected with a whole community that is there for you, always. (Unless, of course, they do not want their answers to be considered for “top answer” which grants them ten points tops chosen by the asker.) I can literally spend hours hear, and it is not because I have do not have other things to do, but this is the place where you can really get your answers that you so desperately need and do not want to spend hours searching online for answers. I would really recommend this site and all of the other YAHOO! tabs that is available on the overall YAHOO! site.


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Yes, I am a Mac user, but I would have to say my most amount of hours performed online would have to be on XBOX Live. I have not purchased a subscription in quite a well, but this to commemorate all of the hours that I have played competitively online versus all of the other online players via the connection. I would say I am almost an expert by default, but I would be in the category as “not trying to be the best,” but rather the category as “loves to just have fun.” I am not trying to prove that I am better or show all of the tricks that I can do with my gaming console that nobody else could probably do.

I remember all of the hours playing Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. Those were some of the best moments because I could play those for hours and not get completely bored of it. It was endless fun where I would not be disappointed. I would even invite other friends over and we would enjoy interaction with the online players whether on the screen or on the headphones with microphone that Microsoft offered for entertainment purposes. Sometimes it was frustrating because the players could use cheats in order to give themselves the advantage or even that their skill was just higher than ours, but we knew that it was good fun.

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