Just a Few Minutes of Your Time if You Don’t Mind.

Seeing as how you are on your cell phone or laptop at the moment, let me have just a few minutes of your time to try to explain to you my opinion on social networking and how it influences us as people. I completely understand if you don’t consider yourself to be “addicted” to your social networking apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. It’s only natural that nobody wants to admit that they have a problem. what I am getting at here is that social networking sites allows us, Millennials, and future generations, to connect with thousands of other people from across the globe. We do this by advertising ourselves right? we make accounts and pick our favorite pictures that make us look interesting and attractive to others so that we can possibly gain followers or a “fan base”. now of course some would consider those followers their friends, I mean, that is what Facebook calls them right? but we have never meet those people before, and the only impression we can get of who they are is the strategically picked photos they chose themselves to attract people. Are they really who they make themselves out to be? they could be dramatically different than what their online account portrays.  What do you think this act of self promotion has on individuals happiness? both the account owner and the people who view that account? I think it has a strong influence on it, and a negative one at that. Call me paranoid, call me jealous, it doesn’t matter to me, but when people only see these images of a person who appears to always be happy and doing some interesting activities, they begin to compare that strangers life to their own and fee less important. “This stranger is so cool and does so much fun stuff and has so many followers, why don’t I have that?” this is what I believe goes through some peoples heads as they look at all these accounts with almost identical content. They begin to second guess themselves and their own self worth, I’ll admit I’ve thought it a few times. I realized though that social networking is just a game and the goal is to try to get as many followers as you can in order to feel like you are some kind of small time celebrity with a small following of people who you believe wake up every morning and the first thing on their mind is, I wonder what that bad ass kid on Instagram is doing today! and of course maybe you don’t think that. I don’t know who is reading this and you don’t know who I am and to be honest you probably don’t care. That’s what makes this message so hard to get by, but that is why I have included this video. Millennials like videos, they are fun to look at and involve less reading am I right? So if I still have your attention I thank you, and I am sorry for my rant, but please watch this video by Gary Turk, it will add some much needed clarity to my rant believe me. Once again I thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Are we really as happy as we make ourselves seem to be?

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