Learning By Example


As a class we were asked to discuss amongst ourselves critical thiking. During the first slow parts of the class throwing ideas out, I remember how I learned critical thinking. I was taught by an example from my dad. When I was younger I once told him I wanted to be a lawyer. I need to be able to be quick at critical thnking he said. “Dyan, there is a house in the middle of water, the only way to get into the house is a window on top floor. How do you get in?” Without actually using any sense of critical thinking I automatically said, “I would take a boat to get in the house.” He says “No. You pile up snow, snow is water but you find a soluion with what you have and you analyze, analyze, analyze. Lawyers have to think critically, because they need their solution sometimes with only a few bits of information. Some lawyers are so genius at critical thinking they can predict situations based on researching those facts and small details.”

The points made in the class discussion I would mentally apply it to the example my dad explained to me and they worked to getting the solution. But the example is my learning tool for critical thinking. I learn by example. Majority of the scholars used the world failure, I think too many times. I did not fail, in the end we all learn our own way. And for that I’m thankful.