Lazy is as Lazy Does

There is an epidemic engulfing our society at an alarming rate.  Eco-laze.  This is a new term that is defining a whole new class of lazy.  Webster defines lazy as “…not eager or willing to work or exert oneself; indolent; slothful…”, when you gear this general laziness towards the environment around us that’s when I start to rant.

I have been standing right next to my manager, when I was working at a fine dining restaurant, water was running, constantly and no place to put recyclable waste.  Now that’s eco-laze.  She could have easily implemented some simple rules that would have changed the operations of the restaurant.  This is an example of how eco-laze can spread quickly without us even knowing it.  The manager by not implementing eco-friendly policies is infecting all of her employees with the horrible affliction of eco-laze.
Another example of how the disease is engulfing the world is when the “cool kids” put down eco-friendly people for doing the simple things that everybody should be doing to protect the environment.  Just because you are apathetic towards the issue does not mean that it is not important.  It’s crazy that some people look down on others who are using canvas shopping bags or washing out and separating their recyclables.  Hey, we are the ones that are saving the world for your children!

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine that was telling me about how environmentally friendly people are the nicest and most responsible people that he has ever met.  This gives me hope for the future of this great planet.  So how about you lazy bums that do nothing for the environment take a few minutes and think about what you could contribute to the cause. I know I am not perfect, and every now and again I get a touch of eco-laze but when this happens my doctor always prescribes a long hike and a bunch of fresh air.  Breathing in all of the fresh mountain air reinforces the notion that we must protect the environment before we are so polluted that there isn’t any left.  If we all take a stand against eco-laze we can get this epidemic under control and return our environment to healthy and productive place.   If that were to happen then I would finally be able to move on to another rant, and I can assure you there are plenty more where this came from.

– Royce Johnson

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