What’s New with Media and Communications?

The Media and Communications Team has been working diligently on updating the blog, getting our radio show, Making Waves, going at a steady pace, and creating more media outlets to update the Fort Lewis and Durango community on what is going on in Durango, our region, and the world. Check out the daily news updates on the EC Blog to see what you may be missing through the other media outlets. Listen to our weekly radio show Making Waves and hear Devon Dey and Grace Martinez interview interesting people about intriguing issues and events going on around Durango and Fort Lewis College! Give us your feedback on how we are doing, or just on an article that arouses your interest at www.fortlewis.edu/ec.

One thought on “What’s New with Media and Communications?

  1. Hi, EC Communications!

    Did you know that with our FLC blog sites, we can embed our favorite videos from YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo and other places that offer the embed code?

    Check it out at my site: http://blogs.fortlewis.edu/schillaci_t/

    Let me know if I can help!

    Tom Schillaci
    Producer of Environmental Documentary and Educational Video

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