Educating about the 350 campaign

Jasalyn here from the Communication and Outreach team!

This past semester I have written a petition to send to Colorado Senator Micheal Bennett. Many of you do not live in Colorado so thinking about an issue in this state might not matter. But if this petition is successful Colorado schools will educate children, our nieces, nephews and younger brother or sisters, about the impacts humans have on our planet.

The Environmental Center has been a role model for the Durango community, bringing recycling into the city, so why cannot Colorado do the same for the United States. Positive and productive change must start with education; if a person is ignorant of the issue they can be blindly lead. Senator Micheal Bennett has the power to bring change but he must first understand it is an important issue to our generation.

The program I have chosen to educate people is the campaign. It concerns the amount of Carbon Dioxide produced and ways to reduce our emissions. Our atmosphere can only continue providing livable conditions while containing a set number of Carbon parts per million, that number being 350 ppm. By supporting my petition your are telling Colorado Senator Micheal Bennett how important our future is for us and our younger siblings.

~ Jasalyn Dittmar

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