Sodexo supplies students with a local food meal

Students of Fort Lewis College enjoyed a lunch that was fresh, delicious, and in sync with their ideals last Thursday, October 24, 2013. Together, Sodexo Dining Services and students from the Environmental Center compiled and promoted a meal made with “real” food to celebrate Food Day. In total, approximately 300 people were served.

So what is real food? Real food is something that you eat— it comes from your community (Local). It ensures that the producers or farmers who grew it got paid a fair price (Ethical).  If what you eat includes animal products, then these animals are kept content and healthy (Humane). Finally, this food is something you put in your mouth that is not produced in ways harmful for the planet (Environmentally Sound).

If reading about those types of foods makes your stomach grumble, don’t worry, there will be more real food on campus very soon. These meals are part of a larger project called the Real Food Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to serve 20% real food in the dining hall on a regular basis. Over a hundred other colleges around the United States have adopted the Real Food Challenge, and we want Fort Lewis to join their ranks.

Are you someone who gets excited about real food, but you know it is out of your price range? Perhaps one of the most exciting things about The Real Food Challenge is that colleges investing a large chunk of money into the real food market will drive the cost down for the individual eater. The Real Food Challenge is pushing for access for healthy food for everyone.

How can you get your hands on some real food and support permanent change on campus? Stay tuned for more meals like this one! These meals are a great way to show the administration your support of the Real Food Challenge. There are also items that are sold on a regular basis that are real: James Ranch burgers, Dessert Sun Coffee, and beets and carrots grown by Fields to Plate at the salad bar! By choosing these items, you can “vote with your dollar” and see more real food on campus. Happy eating!

By Melanie Weber-Sauer, member of the Real Food Challenge team

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