Climate change: it’s here & happening

Climate Change has been a hot topic in recent years and as the effects of it continue to worsen, the question still stands, what are we going to do about it? The Climate Action Team is a brand new team this year that is focusing on tackling the issue of climate change and how to address it on campus and in the community. One of the biggest challenges our team faces is figuring out how to talk to people on campus and in town about climate change since it can tend to be a touchy subject with some people. Though it has been a challenge, it is also very exciting to figure out how to solve this issue because it is one that we will be facing a lot more.

Another issue that we are faced with is figuring out whether to focus on educating about mitigation or adaption to climate change. After researching and looking at the reality of things, we felt that the best approach is educating people about adaption to climate change since we have already felt and experienced the effects of climate change and these events will only continue and intensify over the years. Our team is ready for the challenge and we are currently doing extensive research on climate change in order to come up with ideas for our next project we want to tackle. We can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings us and hope that we can lay a great foundation for this team so future members will be able to continue the work we start and make a positive impact.

By Katie Gustin, member of Climate Action Team

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