Podcast: Mother Earth Greek Tragedy, by Zack Bauer–EC Campus Sustainability Student Team

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Radio to earth….

One night in the dark dwellings of my cold dorm room, I felt an overwhelming desire to help the environment. I had just listened to Neil Young’s new song “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?”, which reminded me of everything that needs healing on our planet and how humans have the ability to fix them. This gave me so much adrenaline and passion for helping our planet that I constantly started asking myself, “how can I stand up and make a change?” This is when I realized I can turn my radio class final project into a way to help the environment. I hope to inspire people with my radio project the same way Neil Young’s song motivated me to create change.

My project is a Greek Tragedy radio play about Mother Earth. The play begins telling about the big bang and birth of our universe, with everything in peace and harmony. A planet and star match (The Sun and Earth) then decide to make life together. The Children of Mother Earth have immense love for their Mother and Father at the beginning of the story, but eventually start to turn on their Mother. The story is a Greek Tragedy because, unfortunately, the ending is not happy. My intent is not to make people scared or depressed about our Earth’s current state of being, but to give people a warning of what’s to come if we continue to support environmentally threatening practices. One point I do not include in the production is that there is hope to save our planet. I hope that this radio drama will inspire you to seek out solutions to saving our planet and for making a change. If we all work together, we can take Earth off her current path and restore her back to her natural self. A great way to start is by getting involved with the Environmental Center and by learning how to live sustainably in our day to day lives. Thank you for listening!


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