Growth from Fertile Souls


Within the past year of working with the Environmental Center, I feel that I have grown more as a person than in my whole college experience. For my first two years of school here, I was fairly disengaged from everything this school has to offer. I would go to my classes… and then go home. There wasn’t much more to it than that and I felt a void in my experience, in my soul.

Fulfillment arrived when I became involved with the E.C. A good friend of mine invited to me to one the Local Food Team’s “Crop Mobs.” We went to Adobe House Farm, and spent an hour harvesting tomatoes from fertile soil amidst a field full of radiant plant life. I knew I’d stumbled onto the edge of something special, of something important, and I was hooked.

I began working with Local Food Team as an aspiring (and slightly na├»ve) volunteer. The Local Food Team works to fill the gaps of local food security in our area, and to educate the public about how they can help fill the gaps as well. We’ve hosted multiple workshops on artisan skillsets such as canning and composting. We’ve taught community members how to prune fruit trees, how to prepare garden beds, how to brew their own beer, and much more! We believe that connecting to soil and the food it can provide us, and connecting to the ones who grow what eat, creates a profound sense of community and positivity for all.

For me, my passion manifested from my experience in the campus orchard and garden. I awakened a love for plants in myself, and without the E.C, I may have never discovered this passion. Today, I am the caretaker for the campus garden and orchard. The official position name is called the “Local Food Fellow.” As a Local Food Fellow, I have learned so much about sustainable farming practices, leadership, and education. Currently, I am working on building a small, mobile hoop house for the garden, so that next years local food fellow can extend their growing season!

Some pictures that show some of my favorite times from the Local Food Team:


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