Be Conscious: Support Communities by Eating Local

By Samantha Walters, Local Food Security Team

I remember growing up with a love for food; specifically, homegrown food. I recall at a young age helping my mother in the garden, digging my hands deep in the soil while pulling up carrots and beets. I had no idea that this would pave my passion for locally grown produce.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I continuously had access to local produce with the top rated farmer’s market in my backyard. There are many sources of joy in my life, but one of the richest is making a meal that was grown in my garden or by farmers in my community.

I lost sight of my love for local food when I moved away from my Washington roots. As we all know, being a college student can be rather prohibiting when it comes to food security. It was easy to neglect my overall health while having to balance funds, school and work. I started to feel like I was losing a fundamental part of myself and my identity.

Settling down in Durango has been one of the most transformational decisions of my life. With the abundance of fresh, local food and likeminded people, I found my way back to my roots. Being a member of the FLC Environmental Center’s Local Food Security Team has given me the tools and resources I need to help bring my love of food to fruition and to the community on campus.

By taking part in our local food system we can create resiliency and strengthen our personal health and the overall health of the community. Let’s empower ourselves to take action in our food security! All it takes is a shift in consciousness; we can make a difference. Choosing local is empowering and creates a deep connection to the Earth and brings us back to the innate link we have with the biological community.

The Local Food Team is working on several new projects that aim to aid in our food security here on campus. We are launching our spring campaign that can help you create change in your local food security by offering tips, tricks and access avenues to help support you in your paradigm shift towards a healthier, more empowered you.

Keep a lookout for our Local Food Hunger Force campaign that is coming to a campus near you!

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