Drops in the Bucket

By Carsyn Randolph, Zero Waste Team

Giving people hope ables them to work towards the future. As a staff member at the Environmental Center on the Fort Lewis College campus, I am driven by hope. Hope allows me to be optimistic about the future of the environment, while also igniting a fire within students to practice more sustainable actions. I was reminded that having hope is essential to make positive change from Nicholas Kristof, who spoke at Fort Lewis College in October.

I attended Nicholas Kristof’s speech with the intention to learn something new. Kristof is an accomplished journalist, an Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times, and a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. His columns are centered on global health, poverty, and gender issues within developing countries.

After his speech I felt pleasantly overwhelmed with new information and astounding facts, but most importantly I learned to take chances. Kristof shared stories from his life and experiences of traveling in over 140 countries which all have a common key characteristic: taking chances. He said that we must take risks on people and take a chance. By taking chances we are putting drops into a bucket, and drops in a bucket are how we change the world, he said.

Each time an individual walks into the Environmental Center, the EC is putting a drop in the bucket. We share our passion to create a more sustainable world with individuals and hope the ripple effect will occur. Each inspired individual will contribute a drop of water to the bucket and once the bucket if full the over goal is accomplished.

I am hopeful that every time I take a chance and share my passions and aspirations about creating a sustainable planet, I will have inspired just one more individual. If people in the world work together and inspire others, there is no doubt a positive change will be created.

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