Focusing On One Thing

By Jeanett Jansen, Zero Waste Team

If you live in Durango, you probably understand the intense love for the earth that I am filled with every single day. For a long time, I thought that to really walk the walk of being an environmentalist, it meant that I had to do everything with that in mind… until I realized that this was only making me do a below average job at a lot of things, instead of a phenomenal job at a few things I was really passionate about!

When I came to the Environmental Center, I was given the opportunity to explore the topics that I really cared about and found ways to channel my energy and passion through multiple outlets. I wanted to pick something that was really relevant to me and my journey, and something that could get a response from fellow students. I wanted to choose something that could open people’s eyes and create opportunity for engagement and education. So here I am – the Free Store Manager – trying as best I can to close the loop in the life cycle of a t-shirt. The Free Store makes it easy to take one man’s trash and give it a home with someone who sees it as a treasure.

So, make a list of all the things you are passionate about, narrow it down to a few very important, tangible goals, and give it your all! At the EC, we have several teams of students working passionately towards the common goal of saving the earth. Within the “Zero Waste” team alone there are many projects to find motivation for: the Free Store, composting, recycling (everything from single stream, to glass, to ink jets, to light bulbs, et cetera), and so on. You can even come up with a new project. The possibilities are endless – all we need is people who care . . . and that, we definitely have, but we can always use more.

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