Superb Herbalists

By Grace Ann Robinson, Local Food Security

On Thursday, March 22nd, the lives of many were born–a Great Awakening of sorts. It was the birth of herb seedlings! Fellow students came together for a union of growing their own food and becoming activists in a small, but effective way, at the first Superb Herb workshop, put on by myself and two other Local Food Security team members, Zack Bauer and Tristan Kraatz. The idea of the workshop was to show students how to grow herbs successfully and relay the importance of local food security.

Besides buying food from local co-ops or farmers markets, a key way to increase local food security is by growing your very own. Growing your own food or any plant in general can seem to be a daunting task, but if you start your first grow operation with something small and easy; the experience will become enjoyable as opposed to scary. This is what we were shooting for and boy, did we get it! To see the bright eyes and excitement rush through the door just to have their very own plant was exhilarating. For the pot that the herbs were planted in, we used old coffee cups–2 cups per 1 pot. For the main cup, we poked holes in the bottom and cut the second cup in half, placing the first cup inside to act as a drainage system. Doing the pot system this way showed the students that growing doesn’t have to be done with expensive supplies to thrive, and that recycling can be innovative and fun! Having a plant to take care of teaches responsibility and is aesthetically pleasing once it sprouts. Growing food cuts down on carbon emissions and is especially delicious! Whether it be juicing for wheatgrass shots, having chives as a garnish for a cream cheese spread, or even creating a little salad with sunflower sprouts- growing your own food means knowing your own food. You can be without a doubt that your food is free of toxins and naturally healthy to put into your body. Let’s start treating ourselves to the food that our body and mind deserve!

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