What’s the Local Food Team Up To?

The local food team is hard at work planning a Food Retreat at for the end of Febuaray which will focus on the many different ways to be a local food advocate in Durango. The retreat will begin with a speaker and then contuinue through the weekend with speakers and workshops. The Local food team is also working with the sociology department’s “Grub Hub” (food bank) to try incorperating local produce and products.  The Local Food Team with be teaming up with Education Outreach to bring local food to students in the dorms.

Get Crafty

The Zero Waste team getting crafty!

Zero Waste Team Members


Get Crafty

We’ve all heard it said, and probably said it ourselves; “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” However the reality of this statement is about to come into play as the Zero Waste Team sponsors a contest to see who’s trash can become the most creative treasure. Get this; you can win really cool stuff by submitting a photo of you and something you made out of re-useable goods. Awesome right? Here’s how.

To begin, check out the “Get Crafty” booth that’s going to be outside of Reed Library (unless its bitter cold or wet in which case it’ll be inside the CUB) on February 16. Get some information and some inspiration for when you take your picture with your creative creation on February 25. The winners will be judged and picked by real students in the CUB on February 28.

Check it out its gonna rock!!! In the mean time, check out the Free Store on Thursdays for fun inspiration or just cool stuff.

Growing Partners Presents Home Grown: Cultivating Your Role in the Local Food System

Mark WInne

Friday, February 25th marks the start of an eye opening weekend about the role we all play in our local food system. The event is kicked off with keynote Speaker Mark Winne discussing “Food, Freedom, and Authority: Who Controls the Food We Eat”, and everyone who cares about their food or community should be in attendance. This is taking place in Noble Hall room 130 on the Fort Lewis College campus. The following day, Saturday the 26th, will be a full day retreat with workshops and conversations centered on local food and bringing out your inner food advocate. The skills gained through this event are applicable at home, with friends, and in the community.

This event is a huge landmark for the local food crusade for many reasons, one of the main ones being that if we as a people ever hope to control our food resources then we need to start at home, today. This event is dedicated to educating the public on how much power they have and how much of an affect they have in the grand scheme of things; it’s a big one.

Every person plays a huge part in the food system as not just a consumer but as a producer also. Its important that we all realize this and cultivate the inner food advocate inside. Attendance on Friday is encouraged to everyone! To attend the retreat Saturday you must RSVP. For more information contact Stacey Carlson, head of the Local Food team at smcarlson@fortlewis.edu.