10th Annual REEL Environmental Film Festival

The EC Presents the 10th Annual REEL Environmental Film Festival, October 20th, at the Smiley Building.

This year’s festival focuses on the issue of water and showcases two films, “Rango” starring Jonny Depp; and “Tapped” a documentary about the bottled water.  Door’s open at 5:00, “Rango” starts at 5:30 and “Tapped” starts at 7:30.  The event features a silent auction, free food from Zia Taqueria, Baskin Robbins, Dominos, and Raider Ridge, and beer, root beer floats, and wine available for purchase from Carvers.  As always, the event is FREE (with a suggested donation) and open to the public.

Sponsored by LPEA, KDUR, Carvers Brewing Company, Student Union Productions, Backcountry Experience, Chinook Medical Gear, and Fresh off the Press.

Download flyer.

Zero-Waste’s Campus Waste Audit

Come out and get dirty on October 19th! This educational, provocative, and ultimately fun event is geared towards gaining a better understanding of our waste stream here at FLC. Over the course of the day, we will sift through an entire day’s worth of FLC garbage in order to determine how much trash we as a college produce and how much of that trash could be recycled.

More info: here

Volunteer at the Waste Audit

What: Individuals needed to help sort through trash, in addition to educating spectators about the meaning of zero-waste and minimizing impacts.

When: Wednesday, October 19th for anytime you are willing to donate b/w 9-4

Where: In front of Reed Library

Contact: Sign up in the EC or contact Drew Walters at djwalters1@fortlewis.edu

Salsa Making Night

A collaborative event between the Environmental Center and El Centro de Muchos Colores. We will be making fresh salsa in El Centro with harvests from the Environmental Center gardens. We’ll be preparing our own salsa and eating plenty of it in the process! Come join us and enjoy some great food.

For FLC Students Only!

Please check this link for more information.

PowerShift 2011: Day Two

Taking the power back is the main emphasis for Power Shift 2011, and that’s what we learned how to do today. Beginning with a breakout session with the southwest region, the team got the chance to meet others in our surrounding area that want environmental change and justice just as much as we do.

After meeting others, we broke into groups and constructed new methods for making change once we get back to the Fort, so get prepared to see some changes on campus next semester. The afternoon was full of team building sessions and learning.

After lunch, each of us split off into different sessions ranging from women’s empowerment, going green and living bling, to weatherizing homes in Washington D.C. I can’t say what everyone did individually, but ask when we get back and we would love to tell you how great our day was!

Thanks for listening,

The EC Powershift Team

PowerShift 2011 Day One:

Day One

The sun is up and shining, the birds are chirping and spring has truly sprung in Fairfax, VA, where the five members of the EC are staying as they represent Fort Lewis at the biggest grassroots movement in history. Alex Pullen, David Haralson, Grace Martinez, Emily Griffin and Morgan Boaman took three planes to get across the country to learn how to save the world.

The opening events of Power shift began with keynote speakers Vice President Al Gore and Van Jones. These motivating speakers came out to encourage the youth of today to come together and shift the power. The goal of the 10,000 youth gathered on capital hill is to fight for sustainability across America. These students are from all over the country and will attend trainings, speakers and events for the next four days as they become the country’s next super power.

Leading up to the opening events the FLC students familiarized themselves with our nation’s capitol. They checked out some sites and shops as they walked from the Smithsonian to the Washington E. Conference building (which spans two blocks).  Stay tuned for updates from the team as they experience the time of their lives in Washington, DC.

Earth Day: The Spring Run Off

Spring 2011 Fundraiser
The Environmental Center is holding its first annual Earth Day Race on April 23rd.  Come out and run 4.2 miles around campus in honor of the 42nd Annual Earth.
Registration starts at 9 a.m. at the Clock Tower on campus.  Award ceremony and prizes to follow, along with WAITING ON TRIAL playing.
Download the flyer here.
Thanks to our Premiere Sponsor, Morehart Murphy Auto Center!

Tapped: The Movie

Tapped the movie is coming to Fort Lewis College for FREE.
April 12th at 7:00pm in Chemistry 130


We are tapped. We are running out of water and yet we allow large corporations to fill up plastic, toxic bottles with once pure good water, usually from our own neighborhood. Tapped will display this demonstration in a clear and spine chilling fashion.  It breaks down the effects of bottled water on our health, climate change, pollution and dependence of oil. Is water a commodity that should be bought and sold? Or is the access to clean drinking water a basic human right? You make the call! Come watch Tapped and have some mind altering fun! This event will include various pockets of goodness including a Take Back the Tap Table, Environmental Center table, an ocean display about plastic, free reusable water bottles and free pizza!! Bring a smile and open mind! We all hope to see you there!!!

For more information about this documentary, please visit www.tappedthemovie.com.

Follow Up: Food Retreat 2011

This year, the Home Grown Food Retreat was more than a success. With more than 100 community members and students gathering in the Vallecito Room* on the Fort Lewis College campus, many ideas were expressed, and some spurred action right in that very room. Keynote Speaker Mark Winne showed a great example of how his community in Sane Fe is working to advance food security in small and simple steps. His precedence initiated an endeavor by the citizens of Durango to form our very own local food council, which will be working to make Durango a better place in the “food” atmosphere of our community. Although Durango is very focused on the “loca-vore” food movement, there are many places we can expand in food culture to make our city a food advocate example for the rest of the country.
There were four main speakers from the Durango community that put on great workshops for everyone to choose from. These workshops included a demonstration of having local homegrown food year around, gardens as a means for strengthening our youth and community, climate considerations, garden planning and design, and also voting with your wallet, how shopping local determines the community economy.
Overall, there was a wonderful turnout this year, that encouraged change to make a difference in the Durango community. Everyone from the Fort Lewis College Environmental Center would like to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed, and the the community members who participated, and especially to ours speaker, Mark Winne. We can’t wait for next year!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

The Leftovers Have a lot on Their Plate!

The combined efforts of the Education Outreach, Climate, and Business Teams have quite the array of things going on. To start they are looking towards the future and starting to plan an epic Earth Day celebration that will bring the Fort Lewis community together with games, a scavenger hunt, food and music. They are also planning “Lunch and Learn Sustainable Business Talks.” This month’s talk will take place on February 22 and be with Carvers Brewing Company. The results of the Green House Gas inventory are being processed and prepared for presentation to the campus. Last but certainly not least they are working all over campus to make it a greener place to be. They are raising awareness about recycling and turning out the lights as well as looking at bringing a micro-green program into the dorms.