A Successful Water Day Event

River cleanup

Animas River Spring Cleaning.

We have just wrapped up No Impact Week here at the EC. The final event took place last Saturday, the Durango community came together at Rotary Park, to unite around the river. Fifty people came out to clean up the Animas, listen to great tunes, and spend a great day in the park. The amount of trash which was collected was surprising, but it was great to see what a few motivated community members could collect. After the event all the trash was sorted between recycling and trash, while listening to the Poetic Minds. The most exciting pieces of trash included a traffic cone, assorted reusable jackets, and some historic blacksmith material. Thanks to everyone who came out to clean up the river, and we hope to see you all and more next year.

~ Alexander Terry

Water Day at Rotary Park


Photo by Hari Baumbach.

The Zero-Waste Team is extremely excited to host Water Day at Rotary Park on March 24th. The event is to inspire the community to work together to “spring clean” the Animas River and raise awareness about water conservation and quality. We will begin the day at 1:30 assigning participants portions of the river to clean, followed by live music and prizes for sorting out trash, and ending  the day with a couple of guest speakers and an awesome documentary about water. Everything will take place outside so make sure to bring proper dress apparel and your own blanket or lawn chair for the show. Also bring along your favorite mug to enjoy some hot chocolate for the nightly festivities. The Environmental Center is seeking to educate the community on our precious water resource while having fun on the Animas River! Hope to see you there!

~ Sarah Griffin