Earthships: A Revolution in Sustainable Housing

Earthship in Taos, NM.

I love earthships. The first time I set my eyes upon these beautiful, self-sustained structures, I knew that I wanted to build one for myself and live in an earthship community. While there are many types of sustainable living options, the earthship is unique in that it uses little to no fossil fuels for typical amenities. This is possible by:

  • Collection of water from the roof as well as rain and snow melt which is then purified.
  • Electricity comes from the sun and is then delivered to electrical outlets through the form of a sustainable prepackaged power system.
  • All water is reused by means of indoor and outdoor treatment cells that contain, use and reuse all household sewage water.
  • Most houses have a garden inside them and this not only provides a comfortable atmosphere to live in but provides a source for home-grown food.
  • All earthships are build from recycled materials.

So how does one move into an earthship and where are these earthship communities located? Well there are many options including the opportunity for an individual to build their own earthship from recyclable materials. Another option is to buy an earthship from a company that builds them. A company that currently builds earthships is Earthship Biotecture. Earthship communities are located around the world but one prominent community is located just outside Taos, New Mexico.

If you would like more information about earthships, feel free to visit these websites:

~ Michaela Steiner