Milky Goodness?

Milk, photo credit Google Images

Milk, builds strong bones and bright smiles. Our whole lives we’ve been drinking up because it does our body good. We put it in our cereal, in our coffee and on the table in front of our youth, however does anyone really know what they are drinking? Chances are, unless you drink only organic milk or know the dairy cows and their farmer personally you are getting more than calcium in your daily glass of milk.

An alarming number of American dairy farmers are using Bovine Growth Hormone, BGH, to increase the production of milk on their farms. BGH, a proven carcinogen, is a synthetic protein given to cows to lengthen the period of lactation and therefore produce more milk. However, the affects on the cows and the product can be tragic. According to dairy farmers in the documentaries Food Inc. and The Corporation  many of the cows who are treated with BGH suffer from swollen mammary glands resulting in infection. The milk from these sick animals not only contains traces of BGH, but also trace amounts of blood and puss. Often times the cows become lame due to heavy utters and weakened bones, both the result of BGH. America is the only country who allows milk produced with BGH to be sold without a label. Canada and the European Union both fought to ban milk produced with the use of BGH after the original test results emerged. According to a report, that wasn’t aired due to the threat it posed to Monsanto, the parent company of BGH, by Fox News, whose findings were confirmed by many, including Dr. Rife and the Death of Cancer Industry.  These results showed, after a 90 test trial on rats, a direct link to birth defects and cancer, yet the FDA turned a blind eye and continues to allow the milk to be sold on the market. The response from large businesses such as Starbucks, Chipotle, and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream has been overwhelmingly supportive of anti-BGH groups. All of these companies declared their products free of BGH and proceeded to label them as such. To prevent the ingestion of BGH in your life you can drink organic milk, or milks labeled as BGH free such as Kroger and Safeway brand milk.  Ask questions of the restaurants you dine in and the coffee shops you frequent for you are responsible for where your money is going and the companies you are supporting. However the most important thing you can do think before you drink.

– Morgan Boaman