Follow Up: Food Retreat 2011

This year, the Home Grown Food Retreat was more than a success. With more than 100 community members and students gathering in the Vallecito Room* on the Fort Lewis College campus, many ideas were expressed, and some spurred action right in that very room. Keynote Speaker Mark Winne showed a great example of how his community in Sane Fe is working to advance food security in small and simple steps. His precedence initiated an endeavor by the citizens of Durango to form our very own local food council, which will be working to make Durango a better place in the “food” atmosphere of our community. Although Durango is very focused on the “loca-vore” food movement, there are many places we can expand in food culture to make our city a food advocate example for the rest of the country.
There were four main speakers from the Durango community that put on great workshops for everyone to choose from. These workshops included a demonstration of having local homegrown food year around, gardens as a means for strengthening our youth and community, climate considerations, garden planning and design, and also voting with your wallet, how shopping local determines the community economy.
Overall, there was a wonderful turnout this year, that encouraged change to make a difference in the Durango community. Everyone from the Fort Lewis College Environmental Center would like to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed, and the the community members who participated, and especially to ours speaker, Mark Winne. We can’t wait for next year!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”