Finally Starting to Care

Power Lines

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We have been in an energy crisis for a long time now. It is about time that we put in place some new plans about what to do.

News From Indian Country reported that solar power is starting to make its move on the traditional oil and gas companies that are in this area. Ever since petroleum was found in this area the oil and gas companies have been pillaging the land that we love so dearly. It is nice to see that people are finally going to wake up and change to a clean and efficient form of energy.

We cannot just switch to one method of energy, and as we start switching to more sustainable forms of energy we need to learn as much about these new forms as possible. The Salt Lake Tribune reported that, “Utah will be getting $16.6 million in grants for energy conservation and research into geothermal energy and carbon capture.” A portion of that money is going to go to Utah State University for energy research. That is a great way to spend this money, if we do not know what we are going to change to then it definitely will not happen.

The Vail Daily reported that the people of Pitkin and Eagle counties voted for a program designed to help out with investing in renewable energy and renewable energy projects. It is nice to see these communities come together and care enough to spend this money, totaling about $7 million, on such good causes.

If we do not start the ball rolling on these energy issues we will be too late to do anything about them. These three articles show that people are starting to care. Without your vote we will not be able to get the projects in place, so when you have a chance get out there and show your support for a greener tomorrow.

– Royce Johnson