Staff Retreat, Fall 2012

Staff Retreat, Fall 2012

The Environmental Center (EC) at Fort Lewis Community College (FLC) was excited to start of this academic year by joining hands to create a exciting day at The Old Fort in Hesperus, Colorado.  Together the team was greeted by Katrina to pick fresh organic produce out-of-the-garden.  More specifically the EC staff and volunteers picked a good sized harvest of beets, potatoes, carrots and squash. However, this amazingly fun filled day did not stop there. We shared a terrific lunch followed by team building exercises which enhanced the knowledge of each team member’s strengths and interests. A staff meeting was held in the old school house shortly after. Led by director of the EC Rachel Landis, the talks furthered the identified individual primary interests and defined the core values of the team, moving towards the advancement of creating focused EC goals. We are pleased to announce that several teams within the EC have been formed as a result of the team orientation meeting. These teams include the Zero-Waste, Campus Sustainability, Media and Communications and Local Food teams respectively. The close of the day brought forth a charged discussion about the EC’s chances at winning back the Homecoming Float competition in this year’s FLC theme of Skyhawkalyspe. Unfortunately I can go no further into talking about the brilliant ideas that were brought to the table but let’s say we are confident it’s going to be a great float.

Moving forth, the EC would like everyone to know that we are looking forward to a brilliant year filled with sustainably and environmentally inspired tasks. With that said, we would love for any FLC students to stop by our office located in the Student Union building on campus (RM 145) to see what we are up to and if you would like to become involved in any one of our exciting goals throughout the year. Briefly, a few upcoming volunteering opportunities of this sort:

  • Harvest apples at Yellow Jackets Orchard for the Apple Days Festival happening here in Durango at Buckley Park on October, 14th. Please contact Katy at katypeinsky [at] for more info.
  • Volunteer as hazardous waste disposal crew member and learn what is “proper disposal” at the Durango fairgrounds on October, 6th. Please contact Miles at milesMB [at] for more info.
  • More picking of apples in the Durango community for Apple Days on October 13th. And festival volunteers needed for the actual festival on October 14th. Please contact Alex at asbrooks [at] for more info.

If for no other reason, you should probably stop by our office to check out a super cool collection of books which you can check out from the EC! We are truly excited for all the possibilities the new school year it holds for the campus and hope you are to. Have a Happy Day!

~ Charles Clayton