December Real Food Day event arriving

Food – one of our many basic needs that has one of the hugest impacts on our planet.  As a new member to the Real Food Challenge Team (RFCT) this year, I’d say my knowledge of food was like the rest of the general population. Becoming part of this team had taught me to question how my dinner has arrived to my plate.  Did the individual who picked my food have a livable wage? Are there harmful chemicals in my food that could harm my family and I?

Questioning how ethical your food really is helps you to realize the impact you have as an individual. The RFCT is aiming to have 20 percent of “real” food on the Fort Lewis College campus, and currently the “real” food calculator is at 4.36 percent.   If you don’t know by now, “real” food is not only local but also ecologically sound, fair-trade and humane food products.  We are excited about the outcome from Food Day October 24, as our partner Sodexo is making it a monthly event.  The monthly real food meals will be starting next month before the semester ends, so if you didn’t get to try Sodexo’s real food menu in October, here is your chance again before it’s all gone.  It was such a success the last time I didn’t get a chance to try it, but I heard it was delicious.  So you’ll bet I’ll be there this coming December to try it. 

If you voiced your desire for real food during the recent Food Day, your voices are being heard. Thanks for helping us progress as a school and a community.  If you have yet to attend a real food event, bring your friends and write a comment on Sodexo comment cards, or “vote with your dollars,” using your purchasing power to request real food items.  The numbers will also show support as it did for the Food Day event in October – 300 people were served from the real food menu, compared to the usual 200 in the cafeteria.  So with that, you guys are awesome, thank you all!  Keep going!

By Larissa Mexican, Real Food Challenge team member

Local Food Team Update

The food team just finished sheet mulching the garden and are preparing to make it into a garden co-op for students at Fort Lewis College in this next spring. Email Coordinator Ashley Moody at if you are interested.

The Sociology Club, Center for Civic Engagement, Manna Soup Kitchen, and the food team, are working to bring a food bank pantry into the Sociology lounge (bottom of Berndt Hall).

This will be open for students with their skycards to come pick up food on a weekly basis. Students are also assisting the Garden Project of Southwest Colorado on the back yard garden giveaway.

Volunteers are welcome!

Media & Communications Team Update

In addition to working on our usual projects (the weekly Making Waves radio program and writing for the Independent column), we have started to actively work on the website redesign and  brainstorming about how our team can best serve the EC.

We also just released some new articles in the blog, so please be sure to check them out and submit your comments.

There are also some new photos on our Flickr account ( and would like to keep our media library updated, so if you have any pictures and/ or videos taken at EC related events, it would be appreciated if you could get them to us!

Education & Outreach Team Update

The Education and Outreach team is working on another Residence Hall program to be held this Wednesday night at 6:30pm in West Hall to inform students where and how they can support themselves and their community in a healthy way.

They are also working on the Film Festival/Fundraiser that is happening on Nov. 18th.

After that we will be making plans for some exciting upcoming events in the next semester like the Hunger Banquet in January and an Adventure Race in the spring.

Zero-Waste Team Update

This team has been organizing and running the free store that is held in the front of the Student Union every other Wednesday.

They have also been planning and will be running the Trash Mountain Waste Dome Audit being held near the clocktower on Wednesday November 3rd.

They are also consistently running and working on the FLC composting system.