Zero Waste Team is Focusing on Reuse

 The Zero Waste Team is moving forward with the Conservation Campaign. Next week on Wednesday the Zero Waste Team will have a booth set up in the Student Union from 11:00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. where you can decorate you own reusable bag! They will also have other crafty items on display that they made from reusable materials. There will be lots of great ideas on how to reduce and reuse in your life!

The Leftovers Have a lot on Their Plate!

The combined efforts of the Education Outreach, Climate, and Business Teams have quite the array of things going on. To start they are looking towards the future and starting to plan an epic Earth Day celebration that will bring the Fort Lewis community together with games, a scavenger hunt, food and music. They are also planning “Lunch and Learn Sustainable Business Talks.” This month’s talk will take place on February 22 and be with Carvers Brewing Company. The results of the Green House Gas inventory are being processed and prepared for presentation to the campus. Last but certainly not least they are working all over campus to make it a greener place to be. They are raising awareness about recycling and turning out the lights as well as looking at bringing a micro-green program into the dorms.

What’s New with Media and Communications?

The Media and Communications Team has been working diligently on updating the blog, getting our radio show, Making Waves, going at a steady pace, and creating more media outlets to update the Fort Lewis and Durango community on what is going on in Durango, our region, and the world. Check out the daily news updates on the EC Blog to see what you may be missing through the other media outlets. Listen to our weekly radio show Making Waves and hear Devon Dey and Grace Martinez interview interesting people about intriguing issues and events going on around Durango and Fort Lewis College! Give us your feedback on how we are doing, or just on an article that arouses your interest at

What’s the Local Food Team Up To?

The local food team is hard at work planning a Food Retreat at for the end of Febuaray which will focus on the many different ways to be a local food advocate in Durango. The retreat will begin with a speaker and then contuinue through the weekend with speakers and workshops. The Local food team is also working with the sociology department’s “Grub Hub” (food bank) to try incorperating local produce and products.  The Local Food Team with be teaming up with Education Outreach to bring local food to students in the dorms.