Welcome to the EC’s Summer Fun Online Auction


Have some FUN while you help the Fort Lewis Environmental Center. Check out the exciting activities and items below and get your biddin’ on!:

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Garden Consultation with Stubborn Farms


Glacier Club Golfing for Four


Trout Fishing on the San Juan


Environmental Center RECAPS Hat


Stand Up and Paddle (HALA Paddleboard Rental)


For The Birds Double Suet Cage



Just Want to Ski? (2 Lift Tickets for Durango Mountain Resorts)

About the Fort Lewis Environmental Center:

For 21 years, the Environmental Center has been creating tomorrow’s environmental leaders through vision and action today both on Fort Lewis’s campus and in the Durango community. Our organization is student-driven and provides professional guidance that connects students to opportunities to make change. This year, we have had over 40 student staff that committed 3,800 hours towards our programs and helped us host 29 events both on campus and in the community. Some of our biggest accomplishments this year have been:

  • Residence Hall Recycling: Addressing a large gap in FLC sustainability, a team of students secured grant funding and built partnerships to launch a recycling program in the residence halls. The students raised $4,880 to purchase and distribute 748 recycling bins and then provided direct education to over 200 students. An assessment following their efforts reported 90% compliance with the new program!
  • Real Food Challenge: Working in partnership with campus dining, students  began a campaign to bring more local, humanely-raised, environmentally-conscious and fair trade food to FLC. Students organized a first-ever local food meal in the dining hall. To make it happen they helped source and serve local food to over 700 FLC students and staff, while also building a new system for sourcing local food to Fort Lewis.
  • Animas River Cleanup: Two students from our Zero-Waste Team partnered with American Rivers to organize a cleanup day on the Animas. They recruited 43 volunteers along the banks of the Animas River ultimately pulling out 743 pounds of garbage, of which 45 pounds were salvaged and sent to the recycling center.

Find out more at envcenter.fortlewis.edu