My Notes 9/1/14


Write everything down! Names of students. Ben (Rubrics Cube). Jared. Molley (Time keeper for Ben). Katie (1st person to get called on). Drew Luramie (College Expensive Comment).

Scholar’s perspectives. Note taking abilities/ skills/ etc.

Paper due Friday (not graded). Doesn’t mean half effort. Work hard to get better. “Only you have the choice to resist or to embrace” Will. The act of writing is a way to purpose yourself to the world, to be embraced, understood, class, humanity, power to compose yourself. “If you resist, your wasting a bunch of money” (Drew). Research involves the library and Google. Ethnographic research. “Mind you bring to the moment your in” Will. Bring mind alert. Interesting to talk instead of reading. People around you are brilliant (Will). Brilliants is your brain, your mind, and the people next to you. Learn more from your peers than your professors. How to take notes while someone is talking.

Fellow scholars. First and Last name. Callie Belcher. From Houston and adjusting to weather. Geology major. Clair Giannaula. She wrote on board. Tyler Scott. “People are having ideas of what people are writing down” Scott. Make sure all information is similar. Each person is feeling different emotions. Stressed, New home, New semester. His claim is valid with reasons and examples. Molley Appel. From Denver and likes outdoors. Ethan Bussell. Asked one thing he learned, Don’t be the one to say you know everything.

Bottom. Quality, paraphrasing, summarizing, referencing. Quoting a chain of quotes is not acceptable. Scholars make new knowledge. Not in college to report to professors. “They want something new” Will. They do not want repeated information. Back to students. Joe Bruemmer. Paraphrased the new knowledge. Jessica Sowle. Desagreed with Joe and decided to make new information. Act of humanity. Listing is different than just listening.

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  1. jdbruemmer says:

    I especially liked part when you said that “Quoting a chain of quotes is not acceptable. Scholars make new knowledge. Not in college to report to professors”. I liked this because it reminded me that I shouldn’t be lazy by filling my essays with other peoples quotes. I should instead go in to depth about what I think about the topic and to come up with new information for the reader

    • Eljin Gorman says:

      Thank you for commenting my post. I appreciate your opinions of how I documented my notes and how it applies to knowledge. The idea of having depth to essays was a great way to summarize that an essay should not be a chain of quotes. Quotes are nice but it is not new knowledge that professors want to hear. I am glad that you liked the idea of that. I look further to your future opinions.
      – Eljin

  2. shsmith says:


    Pretty good notes in my first read through them. They were quite detailed. They let me know some details, but some random. They were kind of spaced out thoughts in the way that I’m not necessarily sure what when on in class. I would have wanted a little more of a timeline of the events and some organization because it can be a little tough to understand. I did like that you did what Bill said, write everything down that is said and you did that. Your notes are the same as a scribe would be which is what I think Bill is looking for. I liked that you took down everyones name and quotes – one of the first and most important things that Bill wants us to do all year. You are a head up on a lot of other peoples notes on that aspect.


    • Eljin Gorman says:

      Thank you Sammy for your comment on my first post. I am grateful you took the time to notice my strengths and weaknesses in my note taking. I do like how you recommended to organize my notes into a timeline. I agree this would help the reading of my notes to flow than to crash. I will most likely use your advice in the future. I am sure you and the other scholars would like it as well. Thank you for your time.

      • dmlaramie says:

        Hey Eljin! Reading through your first day of notes was interesting to see how detailed they were. You really did sound like you were understanding the material, and you were taking good notes on it. There was a small amount of things out of context, which is awesome because its hard to write so fast and processess all of the information at the same time. Nice Work!
        see ya tomorrow.

        • Eljin Gorman says:

          Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate the positive feedback about my notes. There is a lot of knowledge that happens in class and I try to capture all of it. Thank you for your time.

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