My Reflection of the First Cohort Group Meeting 9/19/14



A. Beginning

– Meet group members in the library. Relocated to Studio 2. We opened up the email from Will. Discussed the instructions as a group.

B. Middle

– Each of us clarified the instructions from Will. We checked each other’s blog and analysed the comments. After this we responded to each other’s blogs. After this we conversed about the rest of the instructions. We moved on to helping each other with our blogs. For example, Drew helped me change my theme and this made my website more descriptive. After this we helped each other with the final reflection.

C. Conclusion

– All of us started our reflection upon this meeting. Each of us had different ideas and we decided to finish these reflections as soon as we can. Broke group.

D. My Refection

The first step is always the hardest when I begin a new journey. I viewed the first group meeting as a new journey. I learned about my current group members. I also learned how to personalize a blog. This experience with my new group is a learning experience for each of us as we become scholars.

The first group meeting went well. We conversed very well. At first we were nervous because we were unsure on what to do as a group, but after reading Will’s email it was a breeze. If it was not for Will’s email, our meeting would have turned out differently then it did. This first meeting is only the first of many. I look forward to meeting with my group again.

My group members are interesting people. During our meeting I was listening to my group member’s responses to simple questions. For example, Drew is broad and he likes to capture the main picture. Each one of my group members are different and they will tell me more about themselves either if it is verbal or non-verbal. This experience was interesting because I learned about my group members and their personalities.

The first group meeting was an experience because it was a learning experience for all of us. I believe this is not a waste of time because this is a crucial aspect in becoming successful scholars.

-Eljin Gorman

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