My Notes 9/22/14


Warm Up:

– Did jumping jacks to wake up our minds. We learned the class has horrible coordination.


– College is about making a claim and backing it up.

– Obvious things we do. Giving a name? Is he making a claim? How to prove it? Facebook, driver licences. and birth certificate.

– I ask what is your name is. Ethan tells us his name and gives us evidence.

– Saying I don’t know is a claim. We use this all the time.

– Most of what were doing all day long is making claims without backing it up.

– Example: Hungry- Evidence: Tummy rumbling, light headed, mood swings, reference to time.

– Clair Giannaula said she is tired. Evidence: No sleep, had this many hours of sleep.

– Jessica said she its is time to eat. Evidence: Lunch time is at 12:00 pm.

– Rock climbing. Evidence: Blisters, gear, picture (Visual), witnesses, bring back a rock, text messages, and the date and time.

– Most important: Her experience. Her first hand opinion of what happened. Make her prove her story by her emotions and evidence.

– Events are claims. Example: Air pilots must prove who they are.

– I am a scholar, I must think like an investigator.

– Will gets upset and tells us to sit in circle from now on.

– Marina is home sick so she wants to go home. Evidence: Plane tickets, receipts, messages, airlines. Will asked her about her traveling arrangements. Marina claims she does not know. She tells us more details that she will be gone for nine days. She is going to a town Bethel.

– Erasing browser history, erases history from a visual source.

– Car dealer guy. He says “Take my word for it”, he then becomes questionable. I am a scholar so I would doubt him.

– Scholars verify claims. While verifying, suspend empathy. Still have manners but suspend it to get the facts.

– Will checks yellow sign in sheet. Joe and Jessica claim they didn’t sign it. Evidence: There name is not on the paper.

– Evidence and claiming are everywhere. It is our responsibility to learn this in college and to act upon evidence. 1st notice the claim, 2nd attend to the evidence, 3rd see if evidence prove claims.

– If they read the book. Evidence: Study guide filled out, summarize, and reference book. Do the evidence support claim.

– Ben’s claim of solving rubrics cubes. Evidence: Shows us and supports claim. He proves it.

– Sammy claims that Will called him to make a claim. Evidence: Witnesses.

– Making claims are everywhere! Making claims and offering and evaluating evidence. Conclusion is just like breathing.

– Sammy showered this morning. Evidence: Hair still wet, Will smells it, Witnesses, Time, Where.

– Schlars listen to claims and evidence. Then present alternative questions that make the story more complex. It is good to make problems.

– “We are all just animals” (Will). The language and understanding separates us from other animals. Ask questions to reach conclusions.

– Andrew claimed people don’t understand? Evidence: People don’t know. Words such as “so”,”before”, and “But” are terms that set up a conversation in order and why. Different then setting up a conversation with “I just feel that”, “Let me this straight”. These set up a different tone to the conversation.

– Object to kids but not to scholars. Andrew agrees with him but he used wrong word choice. Always use clear words and understand how they are being used. Some people may not respond to kids because they are use to it.

– Will makes claim to pass this class, we must be mature and we must follow through with the claim system. We must agree with claims or disagree with claims.

– Drew claims he wants to be a kid for as long as he can.

– Ray claimed she is kind of cold. She revises sentence to she is cold. Evidence: Rained, feet are cold.


– Not asking us what we know what to do but to do something that they don’t want to do and perfect it.

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