My Experience in COMP 150 on 9/24/14

The definition of knowledge is the information or the skills that were obtained through an experience or education. In COMP 150 we learned new information and skills through our own experience. We learned how a word is defined and how people make dictionaries. We also increased our communication skills as well. Through this experience, we made knowledge by defining different terms as a group.

At the beginning of class, we arranged the chairs into a circle. This allows all of the students to become engaged in the conversation. The main conversation that was discussed was, how is a term defined? A term is defined by a group of people who define the term and conclude a definition from their ideas. I did not know that this is one of the strategies that is used to create definitions. The class used this strategy to define the word “try”. Each of us gave our own opinion for what the word “try” means. My opinion of what the word “try” means is to attempt an objective and to accept the outcome regardless of failure or success. Even though we did not come up with a true definition, we learned new knowledge and increased our communication skills. 

The skill that is mainly used during the process of making knowledge is communication. During the exercise, each of us had to talk to each other in order to work together to make a definition for the word “try”. By doing this dialogue, each of us increased our communication skills by not making adolescent statements and making educated statements. This allows each of us to learn new words and definitions through this experience. Each of our communication skills were improved though this exercise and this experience.

The amount of knowledge that was made in COMP 150 on September 24, 2014 was magnificent. Each of my peers were part of an exercise that defines new terms and develops their communication skills. I learned in order for knowledge to become defined, we must define the word and to think about the different experiences we have encountered.