Differences in the subject matter of classes cause differences in the behavior of their scholars

For a couple of weeks we have been observing and analyzing the appearance, actions, and ideas of our peers in Composition 250. It was a interesting task to use the skills that we have learned throughout this unit to observe and analyze some of my other classes. The way that my peers act in classes other than Composition 250 is much different that the way that they behave in composition class. This is because my classmates have adapted to act accordingly in each class so they may obtain the most amount of information for that particular subject.

In my Math 121 class, my peers sit in rows facing the front of the room where the professor lectures on new topics and answers questions. My classmates are constantly taking notes and trying to grasp the concepts we are being introduced to.  My class is quizzed on this information every Friday so it is crucial that my peers make an effort to understand the topics in class so that they may complete the homework and feel prepared for the quiz. Sometimes after new concepts are introduced, we will have a little bit of time to work through problems and compare them with our classmates.

Yesterday, after a small lecture, we got in groups to work on a worksheet. My group mates would try to work out individual problems independently, and then address to the other members for help if needed. When we got to some of the harder problems, two of my group members would discuss the best way to work through the problem while the rest of the group sat and looked confused until correct way to complete the problem was explained to them. This was an unusual set up for class because we didn’t have new material to cover. The activity was to help us review for an exam next class.


Starting Fresh

Maintaining a blog about my major will prove to be an interesting task for me. I have only just started to dive in to the subject areas surrounding engineering and I will be able to share fresh thoughts and bits of knowledge in my blog as I become more experienced with the material. I am currently a freshman and am 4 weeks in to the engineering 103 course. Besides standard math and science courses, this is my first exposure to the subject. My first impressions and thoughts have been positive. I am now fairly certain that I chose to pursue the correct major. So far in class we have learned professional drawing techniques to demonstrate the correct dimensions and shapes for objects. These drawings are most commonly used to give to a machinist so that they can create a part. We usually draw a front view, a top view, and a side view of the object to demonstrate what qualities it would have in three dimensions. I have learned how to use the space on my drawing paper efficiently so I can show all three drawings in a correct scale as big as possible.


Auto Cad Example


We have also started to learn how to use computer software called Auto Cad. This software has many tools and takes a long time to become proficient in. I have learned how to create the objects I want by drawing, lines, parts of circles, and other perfect shapes to form the basic profile of the object, and then trimming it up and using the special tools to file down the finished product. In the next couple of weeks, I will continue to improve my skills with Auto Cad. I have really enjoyed this class so far because I have always enjoyed building and designing things and I am able to use my creative side, while learning new skills.