Post Self-Assessment Thinking

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! (excuse my language) Man, does writing and composing a self-assessment for yourself drain a lot out of you. Before writing I thought that I would have it in the bag and not struggle so much on it. I wrote a little bit every day since it was assigned, but when I actually sat down to totally finish it and make it just the way I wanted it, it took me on a hell of a journey. Writing it out rather than just thinking it was completely different and self empowering even. I struggled way more than I ever imagined I would, and felt things I didn’t think I would feel. I now already feel I know myself as a person much, much better and that the act of writing a self-assessment was very good for me. Now I understand when Bill said he could fill five book shelves of just self-assessment writings of his and why he has written so many! It’s extremely helpful on your view of yourself, of the world, and how you’re living in it. I am very curious to see how all my fellow scholars feel after composing such an assignment. I guess we’ll seeā€¦…

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