Memorizing and Recalling

Whenever we are asked to write about anything, we are being asked to recall something. This takes memorizing something of which we have heard, read, or learned. It is always a process, there are always steps that you take in your thinking, in your writing, and in your learning. You can’t just jump right into summarizing something of which you know nothing of. It takes time to think about what you have learned and acknowledged, and to then paraphrase and create a process of thinking where you can put that into your own words; this also can expand upon what you may be summarizing.

Today in class, my fellow scholars and I were asked to do just this. To write for a twenty minute period of the connection between writing and learning, and then after, to summarize what we had just written down. The process of trying to figure out how to summarize everything I had just written down in the twenty minutes, was a difficult one. This was the first point we decided as a class about summarization; it is demanding and most often difficult to include everything you want to say, but without rewriting everything all over again. I feel like most times when we are asked to summarize somebody else’s writing, it feels more natural and easier to say just what the main points were. Therefore, when trying to summarize something you have just thought about and written down, you begin to start all over and write everything you already did because you feel as though everything you were thinking was important and everything must be included. This skips forward to the fifth point we decided as a class: Don’t assume that what you know is important. This is saying, we believe that anything we think and write is important because it was us who thought it. However, if we learn to keep our minds open to everything, we will learn much more. We will be able to take more into account, and possibly talk or think about a point of which we have already missed. Now this ties back into the second point discussed in the class, that summary can also give you another break through. If you do keep yourself open, and don’t think that what you know is what’s important, you will learn more and you’ll then understand something which you may not have caught the first time around. These three points all interconnect with each other in the process of writing a good summary, and putting thought into everything your going to say and recall.

The third point illustrated about summary is that when you have an idea, a compact one, you can’t just rely on that specific thought through out the whole summary. The example in class was the idea of critically thinking, and what that actually meant. The idea of ‘critically thinking’ must be broken down, and opened up to more of what it means to critically think. It’s the process of unraveling your thoughts, and taking the step forward of looking at things from a different view; this is what critically thinking is. It’s being rhetorical about what your thinking is and what your thoughts are, and saying something in what are your own words. This point ties into the fourth p0int (there were only five points), that rewriting is learning to paraphrase, and that memorization as its role. That again, you need to take different ideas, and pull them apart to show what they actually mean. It’s to show your own, personal thought process of what something may mean to you. This is also why I say, memorization has its role, because learning to memorize something takes this process of putting ideas into your own thinking, and own words, and so this way you can better recall on something you have learned.

Summary is something that has always just seemed like something where you just repeat what you have heard, read, or learned. On the other hand, summary is a long process of breaking down your thoughts and ideas to recall in your own thinking, and your own words, what something meant to you. It takes steps in connecting the first, second, and fifth point discussed in class, as well as connecting the second and third, to summarize something and to put your thinking into writing. This is something I have done just now in this blog, in breaking down what I have learned and recalling in my own thinking what the process of summary actually is.

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