Don’t you just love when you think you have found a nice, quite and peaceful place, to sit down and do any work that you need to get done. But then all of a sudden the room you choose turns into a chaotic room for socializing. Oh wait, then maintenance personnel joins in and begins working on something directly under your computer with loud and obnoxious tools shaking and rattling your computer as you try really hard to focus and continue working on what you need to do. The socializing continues, beginning to really distract you to the point that you’re now focused in on their conversation they’re rather than the blog your trying to write. Man, do I just love when things like this happen to me, because it seems like everywhere I go, no matter where I go, it always seem to happen. Never have I had such luck when trying to have peace in completing any work. It’s just wonderful!!!

My dad and I always say, “If we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have luck at all.” I have so many unfinished drafts for my blog that it’s ridiculous, and I won’t post anything until I am satisfied with each one. If only I could have the ability to just block everything out…. 🙁

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