Introductory Paragraph

Fellow Scholars (and Bill):

Here is my introductory paragraph. Let me know what you all think and please give me some feedback as well.

For the summer course of COMP 126, I deserve a B letter grade. Throughout the five weeks of class (which is three weeks of material every week), there was a bunch of information being thrown at my fellow scholars and I awfully fast. It was a lot to take in at such a quick pace, and it made it difficult to really grasp all of the material. I know that by working my butt off and having Bill as our wonderful professor, I did hold on to most of that knowledge and in this paper I will prove it.

That’s it! Again, let me know what you think.

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  1. mjbigman says:

    I feel like using Bill’s method of developing your paper before writing your introduction may help you more. For me writing my paper before the introduction help gives me clear understanding of what my writing is about in a whole.

  2. eksortland says:

    sweet, thanks a bunch marc!!! much appreciated

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