My Plan

Alright, I have sat down and already typed up my introduction paragraph to my final paper. Now all I need is to figure out what to do next…..

1st: Talk about all the work I have done, and the fact that I disciplined myself to do my best at getting all the assignments done. I will give many different examples and throw in some pictures as well. This is mainly just talking about the stuff I completed and the things I didn’t do.

2nd: Go into all the material I actually grasped and all the information I have learned. This will tie in nicely after talking about everything I completed. Really go into detail on everything and pull in information from all the readings and different writings I did. Can also pull in outside connections and information that made the learning easier for myself.

3rd: Now start to really self assess myself in my performance. Start asking all the questions we went over in class and think about my fellow scholars as well. This is where I will talk about the four processes of self motivation, direction, regulation, and assessment.

Lastly: From all the critical thinking and reflecting, I think this will begin to conclude my paper naturally and I can rap everything up and finish.

Okey dokey, this is quite the road ahead of me! Time to really concentrate and work hard on this paper.


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