Workout facilities

Max Fuenzalida

When people walk into athletic facilities, they should be able to easily identify that the business is associated with athletics. The biggest way to be able to identify a business as athletic are through visual clues. I will use an example; the Student Life Center (SLC) to prove why when people walk through the doors they can quickly identify that it is an athletic facility in three ways: the check in counter, the climbing wall and the basketball courts.

When people or students walk into the SLC on of the first things that they will see is the check in counter. One way that people associate that the check in counter with athletics is by the rack of basketballs underneath the table. If people look above the check in counter also, they will also see a bunch of treadmills lined up.

Another feature to the SLC that leads people to associate it with athletics is by the climbing wall on the south end of the building. They correctly associate the climbing wall as a form of exercise, and therefore, if the building houses a climbing wall then there is most likely other exercise equipment near by.

Finally, the last way that people can quickly associate the SLC with athletic is by the basketball courts. If people walk in through the west entrance, and if they look to their left, they will see a basketball court there with a track above the court. If people walk in through the east entrance to the check in counter, if they look slightly to their left, they will notice two doors that are opened to get onto the basketball courts.

Overall these are easy ways to have people acknowledge if a business is an athletic facility or not. I thought that this was helpful so in case I decide to own or manage a business that is in the fitness industry, I will have ideas on how to give clues that it is an athletic facility.

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