Blog 2-Facilities

When I walk into a facility that I use, this statement is true. I use a facility in the Denver area for indoor soccer. The three important destinations that you see immediately are the field, the office, and the meeting room. The field, for obvious reasons is important because where else are you going to play? The facility is designed for people to be able to participate in the sport/activity they are there to participate in. Secondly, the office is important because they are in charge of the day to day operations as well as the staff of the facility and the participants that are using the facility. They maintain records of the facility and keep them for returning participants year after year. This makes it easier for returning participants to not have to fill out information and make new player cards season after season. Lastly, the meeting room can be used for teams as well as the staff of the facility. They leave it open for anyone to use. It is the first thing that you walk into when entering the building. It is set up efficiently in the fact that there are tables with chairs facing each other, and a board for people to write on. Meetings are important to have for staff so that everyone is on the same page and so that the business can operate to the best of its ability. Meetings are good for teams as well so that the coach or captains can tell people what the game plan is, who will be playing where, etc…

Vinny D’Alanno


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